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The Worlds End Dailymotion

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Human Extinction

Hey, Vsauce. Michael here.Do you want to be infected with Ebola without having to leave your own home ordeal with other peopleé Well, you might be in luck. You canalready download an Ebola virus genome. Right here on the Internet, right now.And if you're willing to wait a few years for 3D bioprintingtechnology to progress a little bit, you can just acquire onethen, submit the genome to it and ta da! All you can print Ebola.

Or anthrax or whatever it is you wish tomassproduce at home to wipe out humanity. Are humans going to go extinct sooné Will human extinction be anthropogenicé That is the result of human action. Or will it be one of the good oldfashioned kinds of extinction Earth's history knows pretty wellé The Global Catastrophic Risks Survey,issued by Oxford University's

Future of Humanity Institute placed our risk of extinction before the year 2100 at 19%. Now, you might be thinking quot;whatever, blahblah blah armageddonquot;. quot;It'll be okay, humans are too smart to go extinct.quot; Maybe you're right. But it's difficult to predict the distant future with a lot of certainty. What's really cool though is that if you embrace that uncertainty,a simple argument

can show that human extinction soon is actually more probable. It's called the Doomsday argument. Imagine a giant urn that contains either 10 balls numbered 1 to 10, or a million balls numbered 1 to a million. Now, you don't know which is the case, but you are allowed to pull out one ball. You go ahead and do that

and it is ball number 4. That's pretty strong evidence in favourof the 10 ball condition because drawing a four from a set of 1 through 10 is a one in 10 chance. But drawing fourfrom a million different numbers is a one in a million chance. By analogy you are also a numbered ball. You are a human who knows approximately what your birth number is.

It's probably somewhere around 100 billion. That's how many other humans were most likely born before you were. Importantly, you didn't get to decide which birth number you would have. So, just like the number for a ball, you are a random sample from the set of all humans who will ever live. The Doomsday argument points out that from 200 billion people there's a50 percent chance that a randomly chosen

War of the Worlds 88 Movie CLIP No Shield 2005 HD

Calm downand get in the tunnel. Calm down. Calm downand get in the tunnel. birds cawing Everybody, calm down. Get in the tunnel! Everybody,on the other side of the tracks! Hey! trumpeting Look at the birds! I can't hear you! Look at the goddamn birds!

cawing trumpeting No shield! I can't hear! No shield! The javelin's the key! Load the gustav!It's gonna be a tough kill! Let's go! It's safer in here! Let's go! Bring out the javelin!

Clear! Get from behind! Clear! rachel screams Let me knowwhen you're tracking! Tracking! You got a locké I got a lock! Fire the javelin! I got a lock! Fire the javelin! Fire! It's ok.

I love you. It's ok. You're gonna be ok. soldier let's go!.

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