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The World Coming To An End

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Is the End of the WorldJesus Coming September 16 or October 31 Exaggerated Prophecies

Hi.  I'm learning to be an end time survivor.I'm trying to listen and learn so I can live. I want to learn more about the end times but what I see on YouTube can be depressing. There are 100s of tutorials about the end times. I like the survival tips because they can be useful in any disaster. They are good skills to know.  They're worth learning. Most of the tutorials talk about the Antichrist, Mark of the Beast, and other prophecy stuff. To get viewers, many use misleading titles.The latest says Jesus will return on August 30. The tutorials themselves say nothing about the title.

Someone just picks a date and puts it on their tutorial to get a lot of hits.  Of course it works. People want their tutorial to be popular even if it's not truthful. But it makes Christians who are seriously interested in the Bible look hysterical and irrational. I believe Jesus is going to return, and the microchip implant is probably the Mark of the Beast. I'm also curious about things likeplans for a new temple in Jerusalem. But turning every disaster, terrorist attack, war,or election into evidence that Jesus will come tomorrow (or August 30!) is embarrassing. I don't want to be associated with that kind of thing.  We undermine ourselves when we do that. I realise that even this tutorial can put me in that mould.  But here is what I really want to say.

I want to meet others who are looking for Jesus, and who see major signs that the Mark, the Antichrist and the tribulation are not far off. I don't want to chase after an expert who has supposedly worked it all out for us. I think Jesus has the answers. I think He wants his followers to move closer together so we can encourage each other. Following The Lamb, like the Survivors tutorials say. It may not be time to link up formally, but knowing others, like people who contribute tutorials to this site… That's encouraging for me, and I hope it will be for others too. If you feel this way, you can contact us. Maybe we can help you do a tutorial like I've just done. The email address is endtimesurvivors@gmail .You can find it in the “aboutquot; section on this channel.

But first, just subscribe to our channel;then share your comments below We look forward to hearing what you have to say. Thank you.

Welcome to the End of the World

I greet you in the love and the light of theinfinite Creator. Welcome to the �End of the World� Show!Tickets, Please. by Will Walker. The apocalypse is big business, and it�sgetting bigger every day. These days, Americans preparing for the worst. Terrorist attacks,economic collapse, zombies, black outs, nuclear war, alien invasions, martial law, foreignmilitary invasion You name it, and someone is preparing for it. What is sweeping the nation today is not justa gunsandcannedfoodsmilitia vision of Armageddon preparedness. As the wide varietyof fears of survivalists and socalled preppers

expands, so too do their ideas and methodsof refuge. The business of disaster preparedness is getting higher tech, higher priced, andway more geographically diverse, with stateoftheart underground shelters complete with greenhouses,gyms, and decontamination units in the boondocks and plush panic rooms in city penthouses.Welcome to the brave new world of paranoia. �There�s a lot of uneasiness in society.You see it in politics. You see it in the economy. The world is changing really, reallyquickly and not always for the better,� says Richard Duarte, author of �SurvivingDoomsday: A Guide for Surviving an Urban Disaster.� Prepping �gives them a certain comfort thatat least they�ve got some sort of preparations

to � take care of their family if thingsstart falling apart all around them,� he says. Ever increasing sales of panic rooms aloneare a clear indication, that more and more folks are obsessively worrying about everythingfrom home invasions to terror attacks. Sales of safe (aka panic) rooms, where familiescan safely lock themselves away from most threats, are up 30% over the same time lastyear at Gaffco Ballistics, a Londoner, VT�based installer which does much of its businessin New York City, according to CEO Tom Gaffney. That�s driven in part by the terrorist attacksin San Bernardino, California, and Paris,

he says. Most of his safe rooms are actually fortifiedmaster bedrooms, with ballistic fiberglass�reinforced walls, a Kevlarlined door that is purportedto resist both bullets and sledgehammers, and bulletproof windows�as well as a highendalarm system that is designed to withstand burglars, rioters, and more. He also turnshome theaters into radiationproof rooms where residents can watch the latest Hollywood blockbusterswhile World War III rages on outside. People are �just more aware� of potentialthreats, says Gaffney of his clients, many of whom don�t consider themselves preppers.�It�s a growth market.�

This �end of the world� paranoia has alsobeen fueling business at construction company and safe room installer GoNavco Corp., a Troy,NY�based safe room installer. Owner Joe Navarra started installing panic rooms severalyears ago after requests began pouring in. Now this portion of his business is up about50% over the same time last year. His nofrills chambers start at $20,000, although most arein the $50,000 range. They�re typically installed in the closets or bathrooms of masterbedrooms. �You�re never going to stop a determinedattacker� with his homemade safe rooms, says Duarte, who says he became a prepperafter Hurricane Andrew destroyed his home

in 1992. �But you can slow them down togive you enough time to call the police or figure out how to defend yourself.� Of course, for some survivalists, cities willnever be safe. Some people feel the need to go far off the grid. But even this ageoldconcept is getting a makeover, and a business plan. Real estate companies are celebratinghuge profit increases by specializing in �survivalist properties��large parcels of rural landwith homes targeted specifically to preppers, with full fortification and selfsustainablefood and energy options. After all, why not grow your own tomatoes and kale while youwait out the end of the world as we know ité

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