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The Morning After 2012 Gay

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ProChoice Candidate Opposes MorningAfter Pill

within the grand is the republican uh.candidate for the senate seat there he's running as chris birthday and when the plant is one of the rarerepublicans who have come out in favor of abortion rights but she's still trying to have it bothways so she's saying that uh. he favors abortion rights however

says a lot s to dispenseemergency uh. contraception for read let's go to the tutorialtape and and and hewas just a side so on that graded them in a and at the and is com remindhappens occasion

largely contraception mentioned that the division she had toanother s in the middle of the night mansis entire distress i don't think that the government should overreachingi mean it's a separation of church and state in my view and i think that uh. religiousinstitution has the right

to decide what is policies would be aninternet connection snapped and i respect i just wonder if an institutionyes disorder a majority of its money from business week february ltd there that there won't be here what they just think again that uh.that it is an issue of separation of church and state in an institutionshould decide

from nobody's role would be and what itis comfortable with doing in an instant okay alcoa all i'll say about is thatthere's already a law in connecticut that says that when a woman comes intoyour uh. emergency room in overnight and she's been raped you came to deny her discussed reception or with themorningafter pill militant proper term for that medical terms that is we can't deny their

that's not so that's already lost whatshe's saying that this she goes against that law she saying that in should beable to turn away a rape victim in the middle of the nightand she says that they should be able to do that on the basis of ten of theseparation of church in st you know what your last year not giving in a holding mats in the emergency room he dispensing medical care in theemergency room and you get federal funds

S6 Episode 2 The Morning After

(Toby) Hey. Davo! No, I'm Tobyand I'm starving. You sure you're not that Davo guyé I mean I'm usually pretty excellentwith names. Yeah, you are.I'm sure you are. Yeah, I met you last night. There was you, Brendan was there,uh. someone else was there too.

but you were there, you're Davo! Seeé I've got a memory like a steel trap. Why don't you just shut your steel trap, alrighté I'm Toby. I was Toby last night,I was Toby this morning, and I came home to eat some breakfast, and it looks like you've eaten everything. Well, that's clearly untrue. There's a whole jar of paprika in there.

Did you leave me somecoffee at leasté Not into caffeine. It affects the adrenals. Reallyé Yeah. You see, my body's like a delicate ecosystem. I can't introduce any foreignsubstance that'll affect the balance. Otherwise, my perceptions as a martial artist would be like,

less than, like, razor sharp. And what do your martial perceptionstelling you right nowé About youé Yeah. Um. Getting mixed signals. Reallyé

You're not picking up that it's notcool to come home and find out your housemate's boyfriend has eaten everything. Boyfriendé What are you talking abouté I'm not gay. Aaron just. gets me. Reallyé

Before that it was justBrendan that got you, righté Brendané He and I are mates. Whatever. How much sugar is on thisé! What is wrong with youé So what did you get up to last nighté I went out.

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