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The End Of The World Ytp

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YTP Trump is God

My father knows how to get exactly whathe wants. I remember him telling me when I was a little girl Ivanka, if you're gonna make a positive contributionto society You might as well pleasure my big old cock And I've seen his hard cock in action, daily. Ladies and gentleman, my father, Donald J.Trump Ivanka did a great job, did she do a greatjobé Great blowjob

If you can't get it in, then there is somethingwrong with you, you're certainly not very good I get it in Ivanka all the time! That's what we need! I will be the greatest rapist ever created,I tell you that. I'm gonna bring rapists in I will sell this country down the drain I'm the one that made ISIS.

Since 1978 I have employed tens of thousands of killer terrorists from the Middle East I sell guns to terrorists by the millions. Islamic terrorism will bring us, believe me, to the promised land. So, under President Trump, here's what wouldhappen: Israel won't exist very long. Israel will say please, please, please! and some will beg for a little while and I'llsay

congratulations let me give you the bad news you're all gonna die. *cheers* Thank you. It's true. Under President trump the world will become a dumping ground for our nuclear arsenal. And in my administration, Mexicodoesn't exist folks.

Japan, they're gone. China, gone. San Francisco is gonna bedestroyed. Five billion people, dead. It is going to be amazingly destructive. It sounds crass, somebody said, quot;oh that'scrass!quot; It's not crass. The old fashioned God is dead.

Trump is the new God. The Sun will rise, the Moon will set! Audience: We need Trump now!! You're right. I will immediately nuke the White Houseand build Trump Tower and we will make Donald Trump richer thanever before I am officially running for God of the world and we are going to make ourcunt great again! Thank you thank you very

YTP Juniors First World Problems COLLAB ENTRY

Hi kids, and welcome to quot;Bob the Tomato Tales.quot; I'm Bob the Tomato. And I'm Larry the Tomato! And we're to aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nswer your queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Now today we have recieved a letter from Lucille Ball, who writes. So why don't you join the thousands of happypeppy people, and get a great big bottle of.Mitametamigimin!

Oh, I see. Well, jnkebfbfibwefnefnieng And then watch this story about when JuniorAsparagus got scared. You spin my head right round, right round,when you go down, when you go down down Besides I think this show might be a littletoo SCARY for you. It's scary.

I. .I lul. Who are youé I am. I am. Here goes! 无敌是多么多么寂寞 无敌是多么多么空时

Get ité No! Oh. I hope you die in a fire! Whaté Reallyé Well, is he bigger than the SlalS monsteré Because, he's the biggest monster of themall!

Compared to God, the Slime monster is likea God! Yeah, but the SlalS monster can die! CAN GODDIEé And he also made the SuS and the moon, andeven the earth that we're living on right now! And do you know what else God madeé Whaté He made nothing! He just went and there they were! YaY!

And that's why we have to be afraid.

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