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The End Of The World Flash

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Captured on dashcam a meteor bright flash lights up Scottish skyline

A bright flash of light illuminates the skyas whats believed to be a meteor streaks across the sky in Scotlandwhich The UK Met Office was not weatherrelated Many Scots reported seeing this astonishingsight in the early evening sky. Images of the phenomenon started circulatingon social media with some speculating on what It could meanand others taking to twitter to somewhat dramatically declare that it was a sign of the end of theworld Captured on car dashcam the scene seems likeany normal evening drive until the sky suddenly lights up and a travelling spotlight looksto be falling down to earth

Other CCTV footage like this one here showsa dramatic flash of white, prompting many to report the unusual event to the police.But despite all the furor experts claim that meteors are no more than a speck of dust.And that if this is one would have been no more than about 10cm across So it wasn't quite Armageddon, as was suggestedon social media.

Flash News The Stomping Land The End

Hello from Addicted 2 Games! Today the flash news regards Stomping The Land The Stomping Land has been removed from the Official Steam Page. This page no longer allows the purchase of the game. The game has been removed for fraud Developers no longer have updated the game for three months. Have not been met the requirements of Early Access Steam Games. The latest news related to the transition from Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 4.

After that, nothing. Until today . For now, the Stomping Land is dead. It is not known whether buyers will be refunded. That's it. We'll see you at the next tutorial, Bye!.

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