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The End Of The World Cult Documentary

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Cult Leader Thinks Hes Jesus Documentary Exclusive

CHORAL MUSIC PLAYING ROCCO CASTORO: There is a placein Russia where people have discovered the secret ofliving in perfect harmony. A place where the children runfree, where the Earth provides everything you need, and wheremoney is meaningless. Welcome to the Church ofthe Last Testament. This is Petropavlovka, a smallsettlement located deep within

the Taiga Forest of Siberia,over 100 miles away from the nearest town. It looks like an elf village at,like, a puttputt course. About 20 years ago a handfulof disciples came here to worship and live with Vissarion,or quot;the teacher,quot; as he is commonly known. Today, Vissarion's Church ofthe Last Testament has over 5,000 followers from allaround the world.

About 2,000 live here and inthe surrounding areas. SINGING IN RUSSIAN ROCCO CASTORO: I came here inhopes of meeting the man himself, who hasn't granted aninterview to the media in at least three years. VISSARION: SPEAKING RUSSIAN

ROCCO CASTORO: Two decades ago,that man was known as Sergey Anatolyevitch Torop, a29yearold patrol officer who suddenly had a revelation thathis was the word of God. VISSARION: SPEAKING RUSSIAN ROCCO CASTORO: Conveniently,this realization happened right around the timethe Soviet Union, a selfproclaimed nation ofatheists, began to crumble,

and religion became anacceptable topic of discussion in Russia. He soon began writing the LastTestament, a 12volume followup of sorts to the NewTestament, which details the religion's major tenets andprovides answers to some of life's most mundane questions,such as which brand of detergent you should use. Labeled a dangerous cult bysome, it has been reported

that Vissarion and his followersbelieve in aliens, think suicide is AOK, andbelieve that the end of the world is imminent. There are rules here thatI was warned about no cussing, no tobacco,no alcohol, no meat. I believe it's all vegan. I've got to watch my mouthbecause I have a dirty mouth. And I like meat, I likedrugs, sometimes.

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