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The End Of The World And Before Dawn

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Game Theory Until Dawns TRAGIC Hero

You're holding tough today, by the way Until Dawn ain't getting me OH MY GOSH OH *Game Theory Intro plays* Hello Internet! Welcome to Game Theory The show whose viewers wouldn't be surprised to see an episode dedicated to Sam's antigravity towel Seriously! She's getting chased by a psychotic killer and it stays up like thatéé

And then she crawls through vents and it stays so cleané This towel is clearly worthy of a theory But not today So if you've watched our GTLive live streams then you know that we recently completed a playthrough of the horror game Until Dawn *devastated MatPat* quot;No!!quot; If you haven't watched our GTLive live streams then you probably STILL knew that we recently completed a playthrough of the horror game Until Dawn

because YouTube hasn't put a toggle in allowing subscribers to optin to those notifications Hey! Don't blame the messenger Regardless, chances are if you watch gamers on YouTube You've seen this chooseyourownadventure, teen murder simulator hybrid A game that mashes so many horror movie tropes you'd think they'd pulled Keenen Wayans out of retirement And had him do Scary Movie: The Tutorial Game But here's the thing, while we were all making fun of the gameplay quot;We are playing a game that encourages you to not move the controllerquot;

quot;COMPELLING GAMEPLAYquot; The really good, but still not really good enough graphics quot;Didn't quite make it out of the Uncanny Valley on that onequot; *laughs* And hammy dialouge We all missed something: The point Along with a totem or two Whether it was intentional or not, Until Dawn is more than just a goofy horror movie cliche simulator

And the villain is far more menacing than a gangly spiderzombie It's a much darker, much sadder, and much more serious game than any of us YouTube gamers thought Carrying an incredibly serious message about mental illness and the nature of choice Now before I go on, this is a heavy spoiler alert We're covering everything from the game, so if you haven't watched any of the hundreds of Let's Plays And still want to experience it for yourself, turn back now But if you want to completely change the way you look at the game Well, spend another few minutes with me

We all clearé Good. Now this game is a blast, not only to play but to discuss You see, the game not so subtly points out that it's built around the Butterfly Effect Where decisions you make earlier in the game have significant ramifications down the line It's a game about choice And what makes this game endlessly discussable and watchable Is seeing how different choices lead to different gruesome murders for our

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