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How Corrupt Is South Africa

South Africa's economy has been ranked asone of the world's most miserable, with soaring public debt and a quarter of the workforceunemployed. To combat this, President Jacob Zuma and his administration have promisedausterity measures. Yet Zuma himself has spent more than $20 million dollars of state fundsfor upgrades to his home, which included a pool, a chicken coop and an amphitheatre.And, in May 2016, it was revealed that the state had spent roughly $550 thousand dollarson cars for Zuma's four wives. So, we wanted to know, just how corrupt is South Africaé Well, South Africa actually has a strict legalframework that is tough on corruption, with

bribery, extortion, fraud and money laundering,all considered criminal offences. However these laws often go unenforced, and corruptionis widely considered a plague on the South African economy. This corruption generally comes in two forms.One is tenderpreneurship, which is when a public official or other wellconnected individualuses their high status to profit from inflated contracts, which are also called “tenders�.The practice is so prevalent that some economists say it is partially to blame for South Africa'sstifled development and tarnished image as an attractive destination for foreign investment.In one of the most infamous cases of tenderpreneurship,

Zuma and his former financial advisor, receivedkickbacks from a multi billion dollar arms deal. In 2005, the advisor was found guiltyof fraud and corruption, and Zuma himself faced more than 700 charges linked to thescandal. But in 2009, shortly before Zuma was elected president, all charges againsthim were dropped. Corruption was the subject of public outcry again in June 2016, whenviolent protests broke out in the city of Tshwane. South Africa's ruling party chosean allegedly corrupt senior official rather than a local person for the mayoral candidacy. Corruption is also rampant in the privatesector. Much of it comes from abusing the

Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act,or BEE, which was created in the early 2000's as direct response to nearly half a centuryof Apartheid policies which favored whiteowned businesses. The law aims to redistribute assetsand wealth among the country's minority population by requiring businesses to hirea set proportion of Black employees in order to secure licenses and government contracts.The law in this case, “Black� is an umbrella term for historically disadvantaged people,and can include women and other minorities. Corruption takes the form of fronting, whichoccurs when a mostly whiteowned business misrepresents itself as racially diverse inorder to benefit from BEE.

But South Africa is arguably best known forZuma's questionable practices. Many of them have been tied to the infamous IndianbornGupta brothers, who have personal and professional ties with Zuma. The brothers allegedly wieldtheir power to appoint individuals to positions in parliament that directly benefit theirown business ventures. However this, like most other instances ofhighlevel corruption, has been difficult to prove. And, despite calls for Zuma to stepdown and an attempt from the country's opposition party to impeach him, he is projected to servethe remainder of his second term until 2019. Until South Africa elects a more just leaderand further enforces their existing anticorruption

framework, this shady behavior will likelycontinue. South Africa's corrupt government is partof the reason why the country's was named as having one of the world's most miserableeconomies. Find out what other countries made the 2016 Misery Index by watching this tutorial.

5 Worlds That Will Make Kingdom Hearts 3 The BEST Game in The Series

What's up guys, I'm just gonna cut straightto the chase, Kingdom Hearts is awesome. It doesn't exactly take a rocket scientist tofigure that out. I mean come on! Any game that you get to see a super ninja key swordblack hooded acrobat murderer Mickey fight alongside Jpop punk zipper clad anime preteens is inherently a great time to be had. That's what makes Kingdom Hearts so special!It mixes 2 styles that a lot of us grew up loving and created something that we quicklygrew to love just as much, if not more. A huge draw for me as a kid was knowing thatI could explore worlds like Aladdin's Agraba or Tarzan's Deep Jungle. Some of my personalfavorites from later entries in the series

are worlds like Deep Space from Lilo Stitch Pridelands from Lion King. But enough about those. They're sooooo last decade. This isKingdom Hearts 3 baby! Let's go! 5: Star Wars:Now I'll be the first to admit that I'm not exactly the biggest Star Wars fan in the notso far far away galaxy. I wouldn't be able to tell a Jar Jar from a Chewy if your lifedepended on it. In fact the only thing that comes to mind when I hear Jar Jar Chewyare those peanut butter Quaker Oats granola bars. Man! Those were GOOD! I mean, like,seriously, who else remembers thoseé What flavor tantalized those taste testers of your'séIf you said Oatmeal Raisin you're the absolute

worst type of person. If you said literallyANYTHING else, you cool, we cool. Let's be friends. So yeah, not the biggest StarWars fan. But I will say light sabers are pretty frickin SWEET I wouldn't mind seeinga Keyblade light saber fusion dance bundled with some force choking action. Ok, so thisis still a Disney game marketed towards kids. We ain't gonna see a force choke. ALL I'MSAYIN is I'd pay to see it. I mean like, I'm payin regardless but, I'd feel slightlymore satisfied with my purchase Oké. You know, if that were to come to pass. Maythe force live prosper or whatever. 5, Star Wars

4 Marvel. Again not a mega superhero fanbut I give credit where credit is due! I give the people what they want! I give out theking sized candy bars to trick or treaters (except for that one loser kid who did thesoclichethatit'salmostuniqueinnovativeinahipstertypeofway sheet over the head ghost costume. They don'tdeserve king sized Snickers, they deserve to sob quietly in the corner with a duncecap super glued to their big stupid head. But don't worry, I'm not THAT mean. They canhave candy corn, or leftover Peeps from Easter). Iron Man is like Batman. The internet LOVESBatman! Iron Man is basically Batman but way less brooding way less worthless (at leastMr Stark over here worked his way up to get

a membership to the buildasuit superheroclub. Brucey the Batboy inherited his). I wouldn't mind seeing Sora, Donald Goofyin some Mark 42s fighting against Ultron or something. A Hulk smash or 2 couldn't hurttoo much either. Basically what I'm saying is if they gave us an Avengers movie KingdomHearts style I'm 3582% on board. Again, take my money. 4, Marvel 3 Toy Story. Ok NOW we're gettin into someof my personal favorite Disney owned franchises! I love Pixar. I love Toy Story. But aboveALL ELSE! I love this scene {Mrs Nezbit scene}. If this kid {Sid pic} doesn't SCREAM VillainCouncil, II. I don't know who does! I

mean he's just sick! I mean, SERIOUSLY! Anyonewho does this to their toys is a serial killer in the making folks! Just imagine that lastscene, up—wait hold on, gotta do this first. SPOILERS IF YOU'RE SO STUPID OR HATE FUN ANDHAVE NEVER SEEN THIS TEN YEAR OLD DISNEY CLASSIC. TURN THIS VIDEO OFF, GO TO AN ABANDONED BLOCKBUSTERVIDEO, AND SIT THERE! SIT THERE FOR ANOTHER TEN YEARS AND THINK ABOUT THE TEN YEARS OFLIFE YOU WASTED!. Or if you're to young to have seen it when it came out, go ask yourparents or something to go download it on iTunes or whatever. i'sreeeally goood! Sook, back to what I was saying. The last scene where all of the toys scare the crap out ofSidé How cool would it be if insteadé Action

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