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The End Of Earth

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Arctic Swell Surfing the Ends of the Earth

Aww, hands are so cold!Cold out thereé laugh It's freezing! But absolutely pumpingwhen the right one comes in. It's flawless with the offshore waves offshore snow, Ishould say. Some of these places I go, they feel likea photographic purgatory. It just feels foreign. It's like, you know, walking on the moon orsomething like that. You know, when people think of surfing, thelast thing people consider is, you know, surfing in the Arctic. The contrast of going to theseharsh remote environments, and having surfing be your means of exploration thats, it doesn'tget any better than that. I feel almost driven

to document the Arctic, and in a lot of ways,Arctic Surfing. Photography for me was a release. I wantedto immerse myself in the beauty of what I was seeing with my own eyes. And I felt likeit became this kind of symbiotic relationship that really was the perfect medium of expressionfor me. As soon as I got a camera I realized this could be my vehicle to go experiencethe world. I love to travel. You know like I'm a I'm a cold water fanatic; that's whyI go to these cold harsh environments. The clouds. The moodiness. The Northern Lights.It truly is beautiful and epic and the surreal landscapes that come out of this North AtlanticSea has really drawn me in.

This morning we had to shovel out the carfor about an hour before we could even get out of the driveway. And we had about fiveto six feet of like snow drift last night. It's just packed beyond belief. Being from Southern California, it's the completeopposite of what I'm used to. It's just a different kind of beauty. It'sreal raw and just getting to see this side of God's creation is super rad. It truly is beautiful and epic and mysticalall while being some of the most harsh conditions I've ever seen.

I have such a respect for the guys that getout there in the water. They really have the tough end of the deal. I kind of feel like I'm going to war or something,like I got my combat suit on. You know you're putting on five to seven millimetersof rubber. And then you're hopping in water that's thirtyfive to fortyfive, fortysixdegrees. It doesn't really get much better for travellingto cold destinations. Surfing between these giant cliffs and good waves. It's the raddestthing ever. When you're first paddling out it's kind ofa shock, and then within two minutes you start

to feel your core temp drop. And then you make one little turn the wrongway and your wet suit gets flooded and it feels electrifying. The ocean for years has been considered bya lot of the locals in these places as such a dangerous scary place and you see, you know,these professionals working in such an amazing way. Riding the storm surf with crazy undertowsand huge currents and winds from some of the roughest seas in the the world. But it all kind of comes together in thisbeautiful way when, when those storms do subside

and there's these glimpses in between theseharsh moments where you get perfection. It humbles you and makes you realize how atthe mercy of the ocean and the elements we are. I know the surfers are out in the water sufferingjust as much as I am, if not way more, so I feel like you have this extremely heavytask on your shoulders of making sure that you document what's going on accurately andappropriately and doing them justice, because you're only going to get so many moments. Today is looking like a perfect day to getin the water so I'm going to jump in and see

Top 10 Ways The World Might End Destruction Of Earth Vikram Aditya

Hi everyone! This is Vikram Adityaand welcome to my channel. If anyone ask, how the human race comes to an end on this earthé Answers from most of people are. Tsunami, Earthquake, Global warming, World War III But in fact, the end of human race can be any of 150 ways The interesting thing is. They may occur after decades or else even tomorrow Among them, I will share top 10 ways with you today.

Let us start our countdown! Before human race, Dinosaurs were the dominating species on this earth Due to an asteroid which had hit our earth at Mexico. Including Dinosaurs, 70 percent species became extinct It seems for every 2,50,000 years, an asteroid with a half mile diameter would hit our earth If an asteroid with 5 miles diameter hit our earth, Each and every living being on this earthwill become extinct Every year 30,000 species of creatures arebecoming extinct because of human activities

Our echo system will be perfectly balancedby following a food chain If any species which plays a major role become extinct Species above that extinct species in food chainwill also become extinct For example, 84 percent of food crops are producedby the process of pollination by honey bees But now that honey bees are becoming extinct daybyday Just imagine! If honey bees which plays a vital role become extinct,we have to face food crisis. We must face that effect.

There are 1 crore Black Holes in our Universe Due to the high gravitational force of this black holes,they would consume any giant planets The black hole no need to come near to our earth It is enough even it pass side by our solar system That would change the orbit of our earth If that happens, we would be smashedor else we may freeze like ice If it is like this, according to the Big Bangto know the origin of our universe Large Hadron Collider machine is getting ready for the experiment

Failure of that experiment leads to the formation of a black hole Then we would be the one who has created a black hole Till now many theories confirmed the presence of Aliens If Aliens approach our planet to utilize our resources If we try to stop them, they wouldvanish us with their advanced technology Even if they come to us on a friendly visit Outer space germs being resistant on the body of Aliens They may affect lethally and even destroy us.

During 14 century, one out of four Europeansdied due to plague In 1918 Influenza virus killed 2 crore people During last decade, four virus like SARS,HIV, Cholera, Ebola had an outbreak What the problem we have is. Repeated usage of antibiotics is the cause ofthe increase in resistance capacity of many germs Due to the globalizationtheir transmission is also very fast Naturally formed virus is on one side and. Some of the terrorist organizations are producingbiotechnologically improved lethal virus

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