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The End Of Days Birmingham

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7 stunning end of the world predictions

According to scientists, the world could endon March 16, 2880. Asteroid 1950 DA has a 0.3% chance of hittingEarth in 867 years. At 1 km in diameter, rotates once every twohours and six minutes and would cause untold damage were it to hit the earth.The Shrinking Mt Everest, 2015 There was something else going on with thelandscape of Nepal, which nobody would have even thought of us.As the earthquake subsided, what came as a real shocker was that the earth's highestmountain range, Mt. Everest stood 2.8 cm smaller, according to satellite data.Earth's magnetic field flips!

The biggest reason which led the Mayan apocalypsebelievers to predict the end of the world in 2012 was based on the changing patternsof Earth's magnetic fields. However, Earth's magnetic field is stillweakening 10 times faster than normal, at present and can further weaken.Earth's magnetic field flips! The biggest reason which led the Mayan apocalypsebelievers to predict the end of the world in 2012 was based on the changing patternsof Earth's magnetic fields. However, Earth's magnetic field is stillweakening 10 times faster than normal, at present and can further weaken.Earth Will Be Destroyed by Floods and Earthquakes

by 2021.A series of apocalyptic events, including floods and earthquakes will spell the endof the world before 2021, according to a doomsday prophecy.NEW UNKNOWN WEAPON In this scenario a new type of weapon is created.It might be a Fusion Bomb capable of turning the world into a shortterm star, it mightbe a new form of radiation or it might even be a gravitational weapon that stops the worldspinning. TOTAL NUCLEAR WARThe devastation from thermonuclear blasts would be bad enough and would send what wasleft of mankind back to the Stone Age.

The radiation would engulf the planet on ascale that can't be imagined. Within 6 months anyone who was not “blown up� would bevery sick. Within 24 months just about everyone is dead.

The Watsons Go To Birmingham

lt;igt; ( JAZZ MUSIC PLAYING )lt;igt; lt;igt; WILONA (V.O.): He is such a brave boy.lt;igt; lt;igt; KENNY (V.O.): quot;I am the young man, full of strength and hope.quot;lt;igt; lt;igt; ANNOUNCER (V.O.): I can not sit idly by in Atlanta.lt;igt; lt;igt; and not be concerned about what happens in Birmingham.lt;igt; lt;igt;You can never whip these birds,if you don't keep youand them separate.lt;igt; lt;igt; DANIEL (V.O.): That's a Watson noggin.lt;igt; lt;igt; ANNOUNCER (V.O.): I want you to know we can be outstanding.lt;igt;

lt;igt; Let freedom ring from every hill and molehill in Mississippi.lt;igt; lt;igt; BYRON (V.O.): This is about how to survive a tornado.lt;igt; lt;igt; WAITRESS (V.O.): Y'all be careful, okayélt;igt; lt;igt; I draw the line in the dust.lt;igt; lt;igt; MARTIN LUTHER KING (V.O.): I will not rest.lt;igt; lt;igt; until we are able to make thiskind of witness in this city.lt;igt; lt;igt;ANNOUNCER (V.O.):We did produce a nonsegregatedmarch.lt;igt; lt;igt;WAITRESS (V.O.):We don't serve your kind here.lt;igt;

lt;igt;GREGORY PORTER ( SINGING ):1960whaté 1960whoélt;igt; lt;igt;BYRON (V.O.):Just shut your stupid mouth.lt;igt; lt;igt; DANIEL (V.O.): Where's the coloredonly bathrooms downtownélt;igt; lt;igt; ANNOUNCER (V.O.): There's room here for my children to play and grow.lt;igt; lt;igt; MR. WILLIAMS (V.O.): Outstanding, Mr. Watson.lt;igt; lt;igt; ANNOUNCER (V.O.): Without any outside help from the federal government.lt;igt; lt;igt; TICKET SELLER (V.O.): You know where the entrance is, rightélt;igt; lt;igt;BEVEL (V.O.): When Birminghambecomes more equal, the entirecountry becomes more equal.lt;igt;

lt;igt; ( SOFT MUSIC PLAYING )lt;igt; lt;igt; OLDER KENNY (V.O.): In 1963, when I was 12 years old.lt;igt; lt;igt; I lived in Flint, Michigan with my dad, my mom.lt;igt; lt;igt; my angelic, little sister Joetta.lt;igt; lt;igt; and my troubled, older brother Byron.lt;igt; lt;igt;And by troubled, I mean he wasalways getting into trouble.lt;igt; lt;igt;OLDER KENNYKENNY (V.O.):I remember a lotabout that year.lt;igt; lt;igt;KENNY (V.O.):Including the majorsnow storm.lt;igt;

lt;igt;and freezing cold weather wehad that first day of spring.lt;igt; lt;igt;It was so cold, that if youspit, the slob would be an icecube before it hit the ground.lt;igt; lt;igt; It was even coldlt;igt;insidelt;igt; our house.lt;igt; lt;igt;Maybe it was the cold or maybeit was Byron's troubles.lt;igt; lt;igt; But somehow, on that March day.lt;igt; lt;igt;when we all sat close togetherto generate some heat.lt;igt; lt;igt;the idea of going to Birminghamfor the summer was born.lt;igt; lt;igt; And spring has already sprung down south.lt;igt;

lt;igt;In Atlanta, Georgia, thetemperatures are expected toreach the mid70's this week.lt;igt; Atlanta. that is right aroundthe corner from my hometown. From your Grandma Sands.I miss my mama. Wilona. I haven't seen herin so long. Maybe I should havelistened to Hank Henderson. Whoé Not that sorry story.

A Day in the Life of a Maths Student

Hi, my name is Joy and I study Maths at theUniversity of Birmingham. I'm off to my first lecture of the day. I live in Mason in theVale Village which is only 15 mins away from the heart of the campus. Most of my firstyear lectures have been in the Physics Poynting Lecture Theatre. We have twelve lectures aweek on top of labs, workshops and example classes. We're given problem sheets everyweek that contribute to our module grades. It's helpful to work on these with other peoplein the maths learning centre where postgraduate help is also available, 'so Vanisa, how doyou solve this problemé S2 'I shall show you on the board. It's just like this. and that'sit'. When a student finds a problem difficult,

lecturers are also available to ask in theiroffice hours, or you can ask your personal tutor during your weekly tutor session. Comewith me to my computer lab at the learning centre. This is the learning centre. It'snext to the university train station and it's an alternative study space with lots of resources.No matter where you study, it is possible to access WebCT online, providing accessto digital lecture notes, questions and quizzes. In our computer labs we learn basic programmingand use different maths software including Matlab and Maple. University isn't just aboutyour degree. You can take a swim, train at the gym or play as part of an orchestra righton campus. There are opportunities to join

sports clubs, societies, volunteer or work.These services are all based in the Guild of Students. At the end of the day it's greatto come to Joe's Bar and have a couple of drinks with friends.

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