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The 2012 Prophecy

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Profecia de Parravicini sobre los Juegos OlmpicosLondon 2012 Prophecy

In this tutorial we're going to talk about a prophecy of Benjamin Solari Parravicini about the 2012 London Olympic Games To begin with, a brief overview on who was Benjamin Solari Parravicini Parravicini was an argentine painter and sculptor who was born in Buenos Aires in 1898 and died in 1974 But Parravicini was also known for a series of drawings or prophetic psychographics he did during his life The psychography or Automatic Writing, is a method of creation that allows the free expression of the subconscious Psychographics are made in a state of trance or semitrance and some mediums use them to receive messages from the dead Parravicini believed that his odd psychographics were anticipating future events as famous quatrains of Nostradamus, but combining text with cryptic and symbolic illustrations

Some of them have described events in recent decades with great success Rise of Fidel Castro Fall of Hitler and Mussolini Kennedy Assassination Space Race USAUSSR 911 terrorist attack But we're going to focus on a psychography which allegedly refers to the 2012 London Olympic games This psychography was created by Parravicini in 1972:

fire, famine, plagues, death Repeat the avenging bell who speaks to the world, but the world does not listen or sees Comes the darkness of the Dragon which seemed asleep Comes the terror of the bear that pretended love and brotherhood comes the humble democrat that it was never, and comes with poverty, lack of protection, and with them, all the disintegration explosions Comes the darkness and then, the light of the South, and the cross! What relationship has this prophecy with London Olympicsé There are several signs indicating so.

The strange central figure, holds in one of his hands something resembling a torch. An Olympic torch At the top we see a tolling bell the official website of London Olympics has published that a 27 ton Bell will toll in the opening ceremony of the games. The largest bell in the world The Bell will play in honor of William Shakespeare, because Shakespeare did it at the beginning of his plays One of the songs used as part of the countdown coverage to the London Olympic Games is quot;London Callingquot; by quot;The Clashquot; quot;London Callingquot; is zombies, crops that do not grow, Nuclear war, riots, floods, fires. 'fire, famine, plagues, death'. curiously as the text of Parravicini's prophecy The coiled serpent appears the symbol of Medicine: the serpententwined rod of Asclepius, Greek god of medicine

But also reminds the ArcellorMittal Orbit Tower, designed by architect Anish Kapoor A tower built especially for the games and aimed to become one of the symbols of London 2012 The central column around which is wound the staircase is very similar to the rod of Asclepius We focus the attention in the shape of the figure In one hand he holds a torch. but on the other he holds a scythe. symbol of death. but this drawing is hiding something really surprising Let's go to the London Olympic Park

Here is the Olympic Stadium And just 2 miles to the North, Hackney Marsh Park Do you identify this shapeé Parravicini interpreted rightly curves of this green area situated to the North of the stadium But there are more matches Let's go back to the stadium and see the Olympic Park the lines match again In addition, the ArcellorMittal Orbit Tower is located right where begins the drawing of the snake.

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