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Singapores Spiciest Pasta

Whats up peopleé I'm here with my friend penguin and now we're at southwest tarvan We're gonna take the spaghetti from hell challenge and it's level 18 spiceness The rules is (that) we have to finish within 10 minutes without any source of food or water Let's go! Are you guys readyé Let's do this!

Alright today we have two challenges bryan and penguin here for the spaghetti from hell level 18 challenge Both of them seems very prepared for it and let's do it guys! So are you readyé Definately! If you are, your time starts now Bryan is going for speed and penguin is taking it slow and easy So who can do ité It's really

really spicy Penguin you're outé Okay let's drink some milk So penguin has already given up Only Bryan left Bryan has given up too Good try guys!

Guys, care to comment on this spaghetti from hell level 18é Very spicy! Im tearing right now Wasn't what i expected Okay so what happened after we gave up was the after effect came in and i could feel my whole body was burning as if that i could spit fire through my mouth Wah

So you can imagine how bad the spaghetti was and i was actually tearing while eating We were being told by andrew, the founder of the restaurant, that spaghetti consist of two spices which is scorpion chilli and carolina chilli if i dont remember wrongly These two of them marks the world's spicest chilli in the guinness record book and i would say this is singapore's spicest pasta!.

Sea of Thieves Tavern Tunes We Shall Sail Together

Cloaked in folds of midnight waters Side by side, we sons and daughters We set forth for no king's orders But we'll sail together Hold fast! Tides are turning Flames roar! Fires are burning We'll all be returning If we sail together

All on the waves shall know our story Sing of the battles fought ashore, we All shall thrive on fame and glory When we sail together Words of warning have been spoken Ancient creatures have awoken Still, until our bond is broken We shall sail together!

We shall sail together. We shall sail together.

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