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Signs Of End Of World Islam

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Assalamu alaikum, as I stated before, somescholars say that all the minor signs of the day of judgment have occurred already, sotoday, I decided to talk about 20 of the minor signs that I think have occurred.Without further ado, let's start off with sign number one, Books will be widespread, and (religious)knowledge will be low, and that applies on everyone not just muslims if we take a lookat christians, everyday, less and less people read their bible. Sign number two, Adultery and fornicationwill be prevalent, the prophet said

whenever this happens new diseaseswill appear that their ancestors had not known before. we have AIDS for example, Sign number three, Adultery and fornicationwill be committed in public, no comment. Sign number four, the appearance of the khawarij,so what does khawarij meané According to Muhammad PBUH, they are people who recite the Quranbut it will not go beyond their throats which means, they're not going to be implementing these words these people will kill the muslim and will be friendly with the kuffar.

Sign number five, the arabs will become richand compete in the construction of taller buildings, now that is so freakin obvious, forexample, the tallest building burj khalifa in Dubai and recently, KSA announced thatthey're gonna build a taller building in Jeddah and call it the kingdom towers. Sign number six, women will outnumber men,to the point that for every man, there will be fifty women. This will happen because ofthe increase of killing, which takes us to sign number seven, killing, killing and morekilling to the point that the person doesn't

know why he's being killed and thekiller doesn't know why he's killing Sign number eight, rain will be acidic, ifyou don't know any science, just look up acid rain. Sign number nine, the masajid will be beautifiedbut hearts will be empty, the prophet said, “There will come a time for my people when…the mosques will be full of people but they will be empty of right guidance.� Sign number ten, everyone will become a mufti,i am not joking by the way, listen to this hadith, the prophet Muhammad SAW said, “fromamong my followers, there will be people who

consider fornication, the wearing of silk,drinking alcoholic drink, and the use of musical instruments as halal.â€� Sign number eleven, the time of the rowaybida,when the prophet stating the minor signs, he said the rowaybida will speak, they said,“who are the rowaybidaéâ€� He replied, “the lowly contemptible one who will speak outabout public matters.â€� Sign number twelve, a trial that will arisein arabia, which will not spare a single household. If you want my opinion, I think it's pornography.Allah knows best. Sign number thirteen, children of fornicationwill be widespread, according to CBS channel,

about 50% of couples in the U.S. have a babybefore marriage. That's if they even got married. Sign number fourteen, family ties will becut, Sign number fifteen, men will begin to looklike women, and women will begin to look like men. Sign number sixteen, men will sleep with men,and women will sleep with women. Sign number seventeen, people will walk inthe marketplace with their thighs exposed!! OMG and that also connects me with Sign numbereighteen,

Signs Preceding the End of the World by Yuri Herrera Book Review

Hi everyone. I'm Rincey and this is RinceyReads. Today I'm going to be doing a book review on Signs Preceding the End of the Worldby Yuri Herrera. This is a book that's been translated from Spanish and it was translatedby Lisa Dillman. This is a book that I had heard nothing but amazing things about priorto picking it up. And so I was super excited to pick it up myself and I'm just going totell you right off the bat that I really, really enjoyed it. In this story you are followingthis woman named Makina who lives in Mexico and her brother had recently left Mexico andsmuggled into the United States because there was supposedly this piece of land that belongedto their family that he was hoping to recover.

But he has been gone for a little while soMakina's off to the United States and is going to be smuggling her way in as well to tryto find her brother to figure out what's going on and try to convince him to come back home.Of course, to be able to smuggle her way into the United States she has to deal with somenot so great people. Because she needs, you know, a way to get in and a way to make surethat she can get to her brother and to figure out even where her brother is, things likethat. And so you are just following this time with Makina when she realizes that she's goingto be going and then her travels to the United States and a little bit about what happenswhen she gets to the United States. This is

a pretty short book, it's less than 300 pageslong. I read it all in one complete sitting. I believe I read this during Dewey's 24 hourreadathon, I'm not completely sure. But I know for fact that I just read this in onenight just straight through and it was so good. I will say that this style of writingmay not be for everyone. The style reminds me a lot of Cormac McCarthy. If you are oneof those people who gets really annoyed at the lack of quote marks in a book then I wouldrecommend that you not read this book because there are no quote marks in this one either.But that's just a style that I don't really mind that much. Yuri Herrera does such a fantasticjob of painting a picture with as few words

as possible. He leaves a lot of space foryour own mind and imagination to sort of fill in the gaps where he isn't filling them inhimself. The writing in here is very sparse, which I feel adds to the sort of like desperatenature of the story that you're reading. I feel like that it also helps add intensitybecause you know that bad things are on their way but you can't be completely sure what'sgoing to happen. There's just this sort of silence that you have in this book, kind oflike the eye before the storm type of situation where there is a lot of silence and spaceand quiet because you know something bad is just around the corner. But the story alsodoes a really great job of describing the

sort of situations that people have to goto in order to be able to illegally enter into the United States. Obviously this isa very hot topic right now in the United States. Well, not even just right now. But, you know,it's an election season. There's a lot of talk about illegal immigration as there alwaysis during election seasons and I feel like that this story does such a fantastic jobof showcasing reasons why people come into the United States, the ways that they comeinto the United States, and how they are literally risking their lives in order to have thatopportunity. It feels like a lot of times when people talk about illegal immigrants,they make it sound like it's this easy trip

to be able to come to the United States, butevery second of your life is in danger. And that's what Makina is facing in this story.Every second of her life there's a chance that she could die. Every decision that shemakes, she doesn't know if it is the right decision or not because she is sort of playinginto the hands of these extremely dangerous people and she doesn't have any sort of guaranteethat she's going to make it to her destination or be able to make it home at the end. There'sa lot that's explored in this story in so few pages. I think that's another reason whyI love it so much. I love these sort of shorter books that explore so many different ideasand themes. And Yuri Herrera does such a fantastic

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