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BEST EASTEREGG EVER Uncharted 4 Part 3

Hey, how's it going guys! My name is PEEEEEWWWWDIIIIIEEEEPIEEEE Welcome back to Uncharted 4 part 3 I don't know why I'm yelling, I'm just really excited to keep playing this game. We're escaping from AH prison! Because we stole we lied to the guy We could have just paid him Bad move, bad people I don't know how I ended up here

I don't know why this treasure is worth it so much I mean, four hundred million dollars is a lot of money But honestly, where is Nicholas cage in all thisé That's all I wanna know, oh god, oH GOD I think I jumped a little soon on that one, ow. that looked like it hurt Can we edit that outé (dying goose sound) Jump! Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god

what the fuck is this place dudeé oh shiieeeet, oh shiet, oh sHIT This game is so epic, I can't keep up man (moan) It's so cool. I'm amazed by everyAHHHHHHHHHHH sorRY de fuk do I do (chicken cluck x2 ) Am I supposed to just take ité I suppse I can take bullets, I guess. I guess I'm not human after all EY EY boi dude

Did you see that roll I did that This game makes me sweat Uhh. Plan B. Uhm. I don't fucking know, how about that Oh this way! I'll take the box route! It fly It flows so nicely. Fookin' love it we got this, come on Sam! Sam is my brother, go Sammy Soo! I could probably do that on my own. Uh, What a dick! Yeah after you. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.

Oh fuck okay Oh my god this is so intense! OOOOOHHHH BRRRAH! Come on. OH NO SHIT FUCK! It always happen. Ooh, oh It's up to poods, to kick some ass. OH SHIT, oh nevermind, nevermind I quit, I quit, I fucking quit. HUE! HUE! I bet you didn't expect that, bitch! Let's clean this shit up! I'm gonna sit on his face. Oh shit, okay I'm gonna help'ya buddy. WOOH! To a point, that's fair enough. I'm helping you buddy, we're bros, we're broskies. hueee I know I keep saying it but I'm so impressed by this game, and I'm so into it and I'm loving it and I'm so glad I'm playing this game It's been a while since I've been so into a new title, I'm really happy

It's just really cool to have this as my job especially when the game is so fucking good Fuck it, let's just go for it Where are we goingé Thanks buddy lt;3 Holy shit, HO, holy shit, I'm fucking crazy! ARGHHHHHH Fuck it's so intense man! OOOOOOH SHIT I JUMPED TOO SOON! Oh I did it! Oh my god. Oh god hurry up, hurry up man! ooh

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