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Post Office At The End Of The World

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New PAW PATROL Nickelodeon Rubbles Post Office Rescue Jurassic World Dinosaurs Unboxing WD Toys

New PAW PATROL Nickelodeon Rubble's Post Office Rescue Jurassic World Dinosaurs Unboxing WD Toys Oh rubble to the rescue it's great to see you again hi I'm WDand walk up to my toy channel let's see what new all some doing wehave today this is the paw patrol roubles post office rescue boy thatlooks totally awesome guys and later tape happened today secret work and alsoimpart lot more foot tutorial wow good old this guy take 20 will compute the babygoose he pumped out of the box he was delivered in oh he's such a cute littlegoose

Wow check him out but what this on the roof who can savethe devil o trouble to the rescue looky scooping them up oh he's carryinghim away yay rub all are you still ask the chick save thebaby goose oh no it's not long enough wait he's gotan extra attachment will let me long enough

almost oh yeah it's long enough Wow picture upload he's kind of lowerher to safety yeah and the baby goose safe also oh butnow we got more dinosaurs coming oh I think this calls for race here wehave the launch and roll lookout tower this is a brandnew paw patrol toy i dohave a full review on this and lots of other fun all patrol toys if you wannago to the end of the tutorial there's a paw patrol playlist there go ahead and clickthat right now they have to race they have to get away from the terrible rightthey need to be quick rub all go ok we

gotta bring up trouble to the launcherii rubble you don't have much time on the double okay rubble is Rudy to launch let's go4a and he's off below the bridge broken no it's repaired yeah but here comes theterrible Dino quick push the bridge but the bridge is not broken but the titledid not see it is charging ahead and what is this oh he's stuck under the bridge yay norubble go the diner looks funny stuck there underthe bridge but here it goes wrong all

rubble won the race but now you gottaget that Dino out of the way he comes to the brandnew escalator oh he picked that Dino right up oh he's gonna take them out of the wayhere yeah look now its writer but here comesanother terrible and dominance rex no writer go and he's off like a rock here comes the doing up go writer goalong he's got to go up the bridge is the bridge repaired

here comes the dyno the bridge has beenrepaired go Ryder Cup push the bridge but the bridge broke . crash he's stuck in the fridge haha yeah it's the train engineers turn readysaid I'll know he took off early because stuck under the bridge quick reverb Wow will he win these off you made the bridge yeah the bridgerepaired on the yeah the bridge and he won yay paw Patrol has won every race inthe Dinos have lost let's celebrate

Twinkle Trails Episode 11 The Punctuation Post Office Musical version

I'm so excited that you're back to join us! We're here at the post office and ready to learn! Ms. Twinkle! Sentences are coming out! Oh no! Looks like we're actually in the Punctuation Office, where sentences are received, sorted,and delivered with punctuation marks. What's a punctuation marké

Punctuation marks are symbols used to clarify meaning by indicating separation between words! Like questions, exclamations, and so much more! Sentences would be an endless stringof nonsense words and phrases, never really coming to a point. Long ago though, languages developedways to end a comment, ask a question, even ways to make two thoughts adjoined. So it was that periods would mark theend of sentences and symbolize

the point you've made by saying what you've said. If you want to say it loud then use an exclamation point but if you want to ask it use a question mark instead. All because the punctuation sends the sentence to its destination gives the words new meaning. Punctuation

clarifies the way you mean the things that you say. I get it! Exclamation point. Is that everythingé Question mark. Not even close. We still have a lot more to learn.

Period. Other punctuation marks are usedwithin a sentence when you need to separate the thoughts inside. If you need to make a list then after every item mentioned use a comma, sorting out components side by side. And you'll need parenthesis to indicate thestart and end of interjections

ones that travel slightly off the course. Can't forget the colon, introducing lists or amplifying explanations! Hyphens! Dashes! And Ellipses! All because the punctuation sends the sentence to its destination.

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