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Planet X 2012 Nasa Facts

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Urgent MSG to President Obama and NASA Admin Planet X Nibiru is coming Proof

AL salamu ALlaikum Mr. President allow me a few minutes from your highness time with all my respect This tutorial is my Personal contributions tryin to deliver to your highness the great News of arriving of the 7th planet from the statement of the holy Quran But First I would like to thank you for your historic fair speech at Islamic society of Baltimore Thank you for condemning hateful rhetoric violence against every one and for your refusal to give legitimacy to war criminal groups like ISIL to represent Islam as its absolute truth they do not represent Islam in any aspect at all they are working in true so hard to Distort the image of Islam.

Am not American but we are grateful for that America is lucky to have wise president like you. Mr. President the statement am trying to deliver was written to your highness since 2009 it include scientific and astronomical facts and Great warning regarding the coming great promised event Nasa Scientists Mr. president as its promised in the holy Quran are from those who have the Scientific Vision to confirm these facts and the coming event. By now they know that this planet orbiting our earth from its poles side means it's coming from the lower space into earth upper space

with an orbit angle of about 45 degree and this is the exact description in the holy Quran. Mr. president the coming pass for this planet is promised event in the holy Quran the planet will not hit the earth but it will be very close so it will force earth to rotate in its reverse direction causing poles shift so the sun will rise from the west. When it will arrive into earth upper space it will rain firestones these stones well shaped and capable of crossing

the atmospheric shield of the upper stratosphere Now maybe Mr. charle bolden current NASA administrator want to interrupt me and say Then i will answer you sir,with all respect Mr. Bolden that am claiming nothing! This is in true is written in the holy Quran in clear verses that you will discover the facts of this planet existence and you will know it's approaching toward earth

but you couldn't calculate the exact appointment date for its arriving as it's promised it will arrive suddenly. there are too many astronomical facts in the holy Quran Sir for example it's written that you will discover the big bang , also regarding the stars Supernova events in the space but if you allow me sir I would like to ask you If you can you explain to us, how the moon

becomes full in many months before the 14th of the lunar calendaré From the statement we learned the scientific explanation for current moon Phenomenon and its great sign for the arriving of the 7th planet Sir. Now maybe Mr President Obama want to Say Then I will answer you Mr. president that this is the way we know the true identity of the awaited mahdi as no one else him have his knowledge from the holy Quran

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