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Pillars Of The Earth World Without End Trilogy

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Ken Follett 2010 National Book Festival

gt;gt; From the Library ofCongress in Washington DC. gt;gt; I'm Patrick Anderson. I review fiction for theWashington Post and all of us at the Post are verythank you, thank you. Laughter Applause gt;gt; I trust that's forthe Post and not for me. All of us at the Post are very,very proud to be associated

with this wonderful event andwe're very grateful to all of you for making it such asuccess for 10 years now. It's now my pleasure tointroduce a master story teller who for 30 years has been one of the world's bestsellingauthors, Ken Follett. Mr. Follett has had an extraordinarylife and I can only touch on a few highlights briefly. He was born in Cardiff, Walesand a son of a tax inspector.

He was educated at state schoolsand University College London. In his 20s, he first worked asa newspaper reporter and then as an editor for a publishing house. He was also writing in hisspare of time and in 1979, his novel Eye of the Needlebecame a worldwide success but please note this. Eye of the Needle wasn'tMr. Follett's first book. It was his 11th book andhe was still in his 20s.

This is a very determined man. Laughter That initial successhas been followed by 30 years by for 30 years by a whirlwind ofinternational bestsellers, movies, mini series, prizes, and acclaim. A partial list of his novelswould include the Key to Rebecca, The Man from St. Petersburg,Lie Down with Lions, On the Wings of Eagles,The Pillars of the Earth, and its sequel World Without End.

Moreover, Mr. Follett has alife away from his computer. He plays guitar in a group calledDamn Right I Got the Blues. Laughter gt;gt; Chicago Blues aretheir specialty. And he and his wife who was amember of parliament have been long been active in England'sLabour Party as well as in civic, educational, and charitableactivities. His new novel, Fall of Giants,is the first volume of a trilogy

that will carry fivefamilies through many of the great eventsof the 20th Century. It will be officially published nextTuesday although I suspect a number of you already have copies and in14 countries it will be officially published next Tuesday. And we're very fortunate to havehim here today to discuss it. Let's welcome Ken Follett. Applause

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