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Past End Of The World Theories

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Studies have shown that the only thing that can really save you duringan apocalypse is a beard. It's science. So, people have beenpredicting the end of the world for hundreds of years. There's just somethingabout the end of all things that fascinates people. Now, of course most of these predictions

have either been unfoundedor just flat out wrong. I mean, remember Y2K andthe Mayan Apocalypseé But despite those predictions, there are theories that exist, created by the scientific community that describe the most likely scenarios that could end all life on Earth. So this week, I gatheredthe most interesting

and somewhat disturbingones to share with you all. So, here they are, 10 Apocalyptic Events ThatCould End the World Tomorrow. Number is The Big Crunch. The Big Crunch theory saysthe expansion of the universe first created by the originalBig Bang will eventually halt, at which point it will begin to contract from the force of its own gravity,

sucking everything that existsback into a singularity. That means that everygalaxy, star, and planet would cease to exist, whichof course includes Earth, and by extension, us. Now, this shouldn't worryyou for two reasons. First, from what we currently know, the universe is not only still expanding, but it's expanding atan accelerating rate.

So, you safe for now baby. Secondly, if this did happen, there would be no warning, anyways. You would just suddenly be shrunk to a very, very smallsize and then poof, gone. Number two is the HeatDeath of the Universe. This theory's basically the exact opposite of The Big Crunch,

which says gravity willnever halt the expansion of the universe, and that it will continueto widen and widen forever. So, basically, you're safe then, righté Well, not exactly. The laws of thermodynamics say that if the universe continuesto infinitely expand, that all matter in theuniverse will eventually

Ultimate Pokemon Theory Sun and Moon IS THE CLIMACTIC ENDING Gnoggin

1996, 1999, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2013, and in 2016. an all new Pokemon adventure. Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. (gasps) I've figured it out. (laughs)

I've figured it out. Everything, everything makes sense. I need, I need. (dramatic music) (rapid phone booping) Pokemon Sun and Moon. (Phone rings) Oooph, whaté

No, no, ahh who is that callingé (whimpers) Lockstiné TOBY I'VE FIGURED IT OUT!! Lockstin what are you doing it's so early TOBY THERE'S NO TIME TO REST I'VE FIGURED EVERYTHING OUT! Lockstin I'm 8 hours ahead of you,

It's the middle of the night. Have you forgotten your meds againé (suspenseful tones) All of it. Mate, what are you going on abouté Toby, I know everything there is to know, About Pokemon, Pokemon Sun and Moon, It all comes together,

every Pokemon game, the anime, the movies, the card game! It all leads to this one moment! And now I have the ultimate Pokemon theory. Go on then. TOBY…. (suspenseful tones)

Sun and Moon are the last pokemon games!!!! WHATé Well, that is, I mean, of course due to the sequelization and milking of basically every intellectual property there are bound to be more pokemon games later on. But I mean the entire story arc of Pokemon as a whole comes to a close in sun and moon.

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