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Novels About The End Of The World

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Top 10 End of the World Novels TopTenzNet

Top 10 End of the World Novels 10. Earth Abides by George R. Stewart (1949) How The World Ends: Super epidemic wipes outmost of humanity, leaving only very scattered survivors. Scenario: The protagonist tries to maintainthe memory of civilization as the leader of a tiny postplague community. Coolness Factor: Despite being over 60 yearsold, Earth Abides holds up very well as a work of postApocalyptic science fiction.The story begins as a last man alive tale,

and turns more philosophical once the protagonistbegins to assemble a band of survivors who scratch out a living among the ruins of SanFrancisco. Likelihood of Scenario Coming True: 3 outof 10. A worldwide pandemic is among the more plausible doomsday scenarios, and Stewart'sobservations of the tribalism that would likely arise among the survivors are chillingly realistic. 9. The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham(1951) How The World Ends: A mysterious comet passesby Earth, leaving nearly all of humanity blinded in its wake.

Scenario: One survivor who retains his sightbattles for survival in a world rapidly being overrun by mobile, maneating plants calledTriffids. Coolness Factor: The opening sequence, inwhich the protagonist wakes up in a deserted , was chillingly reproduced in themovie 28 Days Later and the television series The Walking Dead. This is British scifi atits best–who would have thought that a bunch of plants could be so badassé Likelihood of Scenario Coming True: 0 outof 10. Since there is no such thing as Triffids, I think we can sleep soundly knowing thisbook, while a great read, is not a prophecy

of our collective fate. 8. I Am Legend by Richard Matheson (1954) How the World Ends: An epidemic of rampagingvampirism. Scenario: The last man alive is under siegein Los Angeles and is barricaded in his house every night, venturing out only during theday to forage for supplies and kill vampires in their sleep. Coolness Factor: Hollywood absolutely lovesthis story, having made it into three major motion pictures starring Vincent Price, CharlestonHeston and most recently (and regrettably),

Will Smith. The book is far superior to allthree, especially the ending, which twists the reader's perception of who really isthe monster. Likelihood of Scenario Coming True: 0 outof 10. To the disappointment of millions of Twilight fans everywhere, there is no suchthing as vampires. 7. Summer of the Apocalypse by James Van Pelt(2006) How The World Ends: After a pandemic killsoff most of humanity, leaking radiation from abandoned nuclear power plants begins to finishthe job. Scenario: A story told in two parts, the protagonistis a teenager when the epidemic hits and an

old man in a small community of survivorsas it reaches its climax. Coolness Factor: The author effortlessly weavesthe two ends of the story together throughout the book. Plenty of action combines with momentsof quiet philosophical rumination and an emotionally charged ending. Likelihood of Scenario Coming True: 4 outof 10. I give this book kudos for recognizing, five years before the Fukushima catastrophe,that the world's nuclear power plants represent a dire potential longterm threat to humanity'ssurvival. 6. Sleepless by Charlie Huston (2010)

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