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New End Of World Date

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Harold Campings New Rapture Date October 21 2011

young turks is a new deals page revision threedot com slash t y t deals the world didn't come to an end on saturday there are still here was switched at bia are you sure word your wait here physicallyalthough we might not be here spiritually bows arrows according to harold camping soof course when the world in come to an end yet to come up with some sort of explanationand um. during his radio show on open forum he basically argued that look there wasn'tuh. a physical apocalypse okay a physical rapture however we have experienced a spiritualrapture olivera yet i think that what happened

and he says that the actual physical linkthat will really happen on october twenty first of course it will of course it was i love that picture there's a lot of thingsi love it apparently this was the invisible rapture right uh. that's right how come you just before the ranch was tobe invisible this kind of leave that one out

saleable harold camping is a winner here's a winner because people are donatingmoney to him like crazy between two thousand five in two thousand nine his uh. a family radio received eighty million dollars it's currently worthseventy two million dollars and people i'm sure continue to give to 'em because obviouslywe had the invisible rapture yup waiting okay and then we're gonna have thereal wrapped her family with earthquakes etcetera

on october twenty first so you begging formoney their own camping right away so is it is the one that was probably for it and no one has had this much success that what i don't remember seeing here is that large rotate and this guy is like kind of a man opportuneto the world is ending in ninety four than in twenty eleven and then again in twentyeleven

and i'll get almost soccer's allure only giveme money happiness profiting off of very gullible people if you're available andyou're willing to believe some eighty nineyearold man who says the world is going to come toan end that he can read the bible and interpreted as some special way and you deserve to haveyour money taken away from you maybe he has such large ears so that you can't hear gun well that's exactly the case right uh. sothat's why he's the only one who knew that

there was a spiritual rapture happening lastnight yeah i mean i can see there was a visiblethe maker that's cuz im dorset but not with luke i dont be too harshon the father straight but i got to be harsher one stop wasting our money stop wasting yourfamily's money 'cause a lot of people are not have put on the table of people spent their whole cities that kids are goingto get it is even this obvious hoekstra

So when is the next end of the world date gonna be now CC English

Doomsday mongers first got everyone scaredand riled up for December 31, 1999, saying the world was gonna end in the year 2000.When that didn't happen, the next date they pushed was December 21, 2012. Now that thisdate also proved to be a fiasco, what new date will they come up with nexté I am guessing that still some of the 2012pushers are going to say that the change or cataclysm can still take place until December23, but we only have until tomorrow to disprove that. After that, some next dates we willprobable be hearing about is May 19, 2013, which some believe will be the day of the SecondComing of Christ; after that, we take a small

leap until the year 2020 or 2028, also associatedto a return of Christ. Then we get 2060 from some theories of Isaac Newton, who supposedlypredicted the world would end that year, followed by 2129, 2240 and 2280 originating from Muslimand Jewish predictions. If we survive all this as the human race, we wouldn't have toworry about the world ending until around 500 million years in the future, when carbondioxide is supposed to run out in the atmosphere, and if humans somehow manage to overcome thatas well, the next worrisome date would be in 5 thousand million years, which is approximatelythe time when our Sun should die, taking planet Earth along with it.

So, as we can see, since the world didn't endyesterday, it seems we won't have to worry about something like this is many, many yearsto come, unless someone else decides to come up with new failed predictions based on erroneousinterpretations of ancient information, which probably may be the case as some people seemto always be finding reasons to scare everyone around them. Personally, i never believedin December 21, 2012, as a real date for anything sensationally transforming. I was surpriseda little bit, though, that no one took advantage of the popularity of this day to make someartificial event happen, which was the only thing i didn't fully discard, but i was relievedat the same time, as it would have been a

very stupid move to make, in my opinion. The world was never going to end yesterday,and i don't think is gonna end any time soon. i do think, though, that some big changesmay take place in the planet in the upcoming years, having a personal hunch for 2020, butthat's all i believe is going to happen: changes, in society, in our concept of reality, etc,but i don't really feel any wandering planet or fleet of space aliens are coming to destroyus at all, but as always, that's just my opinion. What do you thinké Do you believe the worldis gonna end or that humans are going to become extinguished at some pointé If you believebig changes are coming, what do you think

those areé Please leave me your comments inthe section below, i'll really appreciate it.

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