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Nasa December 2012 Blackout Warning

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BBC Asteroid Impact Simulation End Of The World Predictions

A huge asteroid with a diameter of 500 Kilometer is going to impact on Earth! Destination: Pacific Ocean. The asteroid impact peels 10 kilometers crust off the surface of Earth. The resulting shockwave travels at hypersonic speed. The debris from the impact is blasted to the lower orbit of Earth, and they returns to destroy everything on the planet. The firestorm created by the asteroid impact encircles the Earth,

vaporizing everything in our world. Within 24 hours of asteroid impact, the entire Earth will be uninhabitable. The researchers have found that this scenario has happened 6 times in Earth's history.

12272013 False Flag Attack In The Gulf Region Again See The Mind Blowing

In the first three parts of this series, itwas demonstrated that both the US government and the Chinese government are engaged inan Agenda 21 motivated plot to relocate rural and suburban residents to more densely populatedurban centers to live in overcrowded conditions where a person's every movement and everyactivity is monitored. The previously described policies are proving effective in moving populationsinto densely populated urban centers in accordance with Agenda 21 policy. However, the processis not as speedy as the globalists had hoped. The global elite needed a game changing eventin the United States. In order to speed things up, the elite bankers at Goldman Sachs mastermindedthe Gulf oil spill to this end.

The Gulf Oil Spill Is a Depopulation Eventof Epic Proportions In order to demonstrate the fact that theBP event was indeed planned event and is part of a bigger scheme to depopulate the Gulfof its 40 million residents, it is necessary to present a review of the money trail inthe Gulf which shows forethought, planning and motive as a precursor to more importantreasons on why the Gulf had to be destroyed. Follow the Money gulf coconspiratorsWhen I first investigatedthe Gulf even in a seven part series, I believed I was looking at an event that was motivatedby pure greed. Although the major players

(e.g. BP, Transocean, Halliburton, GoldmanSachs) did make huge sums of money from this planned catastrophe, I have since discoveredthe event was not just perpetrated for purposes of greed alone. The net effect of the Gulf event is that itis a depopulation event and the government is in league with perpetrators of this eventto achieve this end. It is not just possible to demonstrate thatthe Gulf oil explosion was a planned event, it is possible to pinpoint the date when thewheels were put into motion which would make it nearly impossible for any investigationto get to the bottom of the event by American

authorities. The subsequent coverup for thisevent began in 2007, three years before the event, as Goldman Sachs reorganized Transocean,the owner of the destroyed oil rig, into a Cayman Island corporation. In doing so, itmade Transocean virtually impossible for Congress to investigate and subsequently disciplinethe perpetrators. Unashamedly, Goldman Sachs and Transoceaninstituted a quot;put optionquot; on Transocean's stock for Transocean insiders the very morningof the explosion. Transocean boldly walked away with a $270 million dollar profit immediatelyfollowing the explosion because they had doubly indemnified the rig only weeks prior to theexplosion through Lloyds of London. This alone

should have been enough to trigger a massiveinvestigation. Within three weeks prior to the oil rig explosion,Goldman Sachs dumped the lion's share of their BP stock. Just another coincidence, you sayéThen explain why BP CEO Tony Hayward sold 40% of his BP holdings in the weeks priorto the spill and paid off his mortgage on his estate in Kent, England, avoided staggeringlosses. And true to form involving the pattern of perpetuating a false flag event with mediacomplicity, on June 8, 2010, less than six weeks following the oil spill, BP bought Googleand Yahoo Search Terms, related to the oil spill, in an obvious attempt to conceal asmuch of the truth as possible from the public.

gulf of cheneyThere are yet more financialcoincidences. At the time of the oil rig explosion, Halliburton was drilling at the base of theDeepwater Horizon. Very coincidentally, only 11 days before, on April 9, 2010, Halliburtonpurchased Boots and Coots for a quarter of a billion dollars. Just who is Boots and CootséCoincidentally, they are the largest oil clean up firm in the world And when the explosiontook place 11 days later, wasn't it fortunate that Halliburton was there armed with Bootsand Coots as they capitalized on their timely good fortune. Subsequently, Halliburton'sprofits increased 83% in just 3 months following the Gulf Oil Crisis subsequent to the cleanupefforts. It was simply raining coincidences!

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