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Meaning Of 2012 Mayan Prophecy

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The Significance of Birth 2012 and The End of the Mayan Calendar

I'm getting a lot of questions and concerns about the close of this era, aka the end of the mayan calendar and the first thing I want to say is take a deep breath, and stop calm down don't scream every 2500 years some people say 2700 every so often and somewhere out there in the two thousand five hundred year zone we have an era shift and the age of Pisces

is closing and the age of Aquarius is opening some people call it the fifth world somepeople call it the fourth world some people call it the end of the Mayan Calendar the bottom line is that globally there is a strong understanding due to wisdom keepers passing wisdom down that we're once again at the end of an era

we also know it historically eras do shift and so when we think of the end of time or death we get scared sometimes and for those of us who are feeling fear that's more of our

personal relationship that we still need toheal about our fear of change because realistically we've been evolving as a community andright now we are moving into an era of perception and conscious evolution and it's a time for people to really get deeper into their own personal power which is the good news this last era has

been really heavy on the divine masculine and the era before that was an era of matriarchy and that was the age of aries and that was a matriarchal time and so we'll say we were very, we built our matriarchal side our divine feminine and we leaned and we built of patriarchal side our divine masculine and the goal of agents of conscious evolution

meaning we actually have power to consciously work with this era shift the goal is to as we bring a close to the divine masculine era comes to a place of balance we have a time to really go in deep on both sides and so when these

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