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Mayan Calendar After December 21 2012

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The Mayan Calendar 2012

Hello time travelers and anyother people living in the future: If you're watching this,it means that the Maya, as they often are, were right. And Hollywood, as italmost always is when it comes to science, was wrong. INTRO I'm talking, of course,about the Mayan calendar, and the winter solstice of 2012.

As you've noticed, Hollywoodshysters, along with some cable TV people and a goodnumber of pseudoscientist authors are trying to convincethe world that maybe it's all going to endon December 21, 2012. The earth is going to split in twoor the poles are going to shift or house cats are goingto rise up against us and make us poop in boxes of sand. And they're all feeling that waybecause of a particular significance

that a particular ancientcivilization put on that very date. And if you're watching thistutorial after December 21, 2012. Well, you may have tofeel a little bit embarrassed about getting allweewee'd up about it. Now I'm not saying thatDecember 21st, 2012 isn't an important date in theMayan calendar, it certainly is. Don't panic! I can personallyguarantee that the world is not going to end on December 21st, 2012.

And here is just oneof the reasons why. It's not even that I don't believethat the world is going to end, it's that the Maya didn't. The Maya had lots of differentways of measuring time. And one of them wasespecially for measuring very long periods of time. Because unlike you and me who can't remember lifebefore Tomb Raider Underworld

the Maya had a reallylong view of time. And they measured it using what'scalled the Long Count Calendar. So check this out. The Maya called a day a k'in. Twenty of these k'ins, twentydays, were called a winal. Eighteen winals, or 360 days,made a tun, or about a year. Twenty tuns were known asa k'atun, or about 20 years. And twenty k'atuns make a b'ak'tun,

which amounted to about 144,000days, or about '4.26 years. The Maya used this system tocount the number of days since what they calledquot;the last creation.quot; Yeah, I said the last creation. Because the Maya believed that we are currently livingin the fourth creation. The first three, the godsscrewed up or whatever and they wanted to start over.

December 21 Mayan Calendar versus Sexy Astronomy Jeremy Ratchford

hey, i don't mean to alarm you but december twenty first two thousandtwelve the world is going to end Need a hugé August 11th three thousand one and fourteen bc the mayans started their calendar they saw a great light

and sky people came down from theheavens forming the world as we know it a world which was to end a hundred and forty four thousanddays later divide by three hundred and sixty five and you get five thousand one hundredtwenty six years bring us to december twenty first two thousand twelve well you know it takes

three hundred and sixty five days five hours fortyeight minutes and fortysix seconds for the earth to revolve around the sun and that's why since forty five bc there's a whole extra day added every fouryears now I never want to disappoint but the apocalypse was due august fourteenth two thousand eleven

I'm not going to lead you on. and i won't pretend you know when it's all going to end but I will say this if you'd like to go out with a bang I'M YOUR MAN! we've got tonight who needs tomorrow

let's make it last, baby lets find a way turn out the lights or a leave them on. I never told you I couldn't sing laugh cut.

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