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Maya 2012 Hotfix

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The security system softlock license manager is no functioning or is improperly installed

Hi when I start normally open AutoCAD error massage suddenly pop up The security system (softlock license manager) is no functioning or is improperly installed how to fix to solve this problem First, go to start menu, then type msconfig in the search box. in the search result right click on msconfig and select run as administrator then System Configuration dialogue box pop up go to service tap. Make sure you hide all Microsoft Services.by chick the square From that, you can browse to find FLEXnet Licensing Services. If the FLLEXnet Licensing Services has been untick and disable, tick it again and press apply.and click ok Close System Configuration dialogue box and restart. Once restart. you can use AutoCAD.

I accident disable FLEXnet Licensing Services. That's why i cannot use the AutoCAD. You can also try system restore to restore your system to earlier point to delete any changes happen that effect AutoCAD to open properly Thank you for watching fawziacademy on please subscribe share this tutorial Favorite and like.

3ds Max Creating City Blocks Part 1 Introduction

In this tutorial, you learn how to create city blocks that you use to build cityscapes. There are several commercial products that automate these tasks but in this tutorial, you learn how to create city blocks from scratch. The tutorial is divided into three major sections: In the first section, you learn to build the roads infrastructure. This means you create the roads in a way that enables you detailed mapping works to accommodate various road markings. The techniques learned here will take you beyond what most automated tools can provide. Often, automated tools provide you with a single road map, typically an intermittent dividing line that lacks conviction. Once you build the roads, you use them to extract sidewalks and building lots.

No cityscape is complete without urban design components: In the second section of this tutorial, you learn to duplicate and place urban design components for a more natural environment. You add objects such as traffic lights, fire hydrants and stop signs among others. You experiment with various duplication techniques to that end, using tools such as Array and Spacing Tool. Additionally, you learn about a free script that enables you to turn any piece of geometry into a standard 3ds Max primitive. This makes adding components to any scene a very intuitive and simple affair. Lastly, and in the third section, you learn how to create lowpolygon buildings to populate the city blocks. Again, you learn about some of the hurdles you may encounter in that respect and how to overcome them.

You learn about the importance of RealWorld dimensions and mapping as it relates to architectural projects. In the process, you will use a bit of script and expression writing to help you with some tasks. Once you understand these concepts, you will be able to use a free script that helps you create lowpolygon buildings quite easily and effortlessly. This free script called Building Maker is making its debut on this channel exclusively, so we hope you will like it. And so, without further delay, move on to the next movie to start the project.

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