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Maya 2012 Boolean Disappear

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Disappearing Mesh Glitch and Fix Maya 2012

Hello everyone, Shane Beck here I wanted tomake this tutorial really quickly just to talk about a glitch that I keep comingacross in Maya. So the problem is basically you open a file and yourmesh just isn't there. If you're not following my Zelda modeling series, I assureyou I did not start with the sandals, the hair, and bracelets and whatnot. There issupposed to be a body here, but there isn't.

So if you open up the outliner right here and find your mesh, 'cuz itshould actually still be there. and you're going to have to reassign thematerial to it. But since you can't middle clickdraganddrop onto something you can't see, you're going to have to hold down theright click, go down to quot;Assign Existing Material,quot; andjust choose any material. This might present a problem, in that younow have a single material for your entire mesh. Now if I put it on the dress material,

her hands are now a different material, same with her fingernails. If you just hit undo then it will fix it. So you just undo to what it was before,and for some reason now it's working. Now there's another way that thiscan show itself, and that's the edges on your mesh you've set it to a soft edge,

but it's still appears hard. If you'vegone through the normals and you've uh. checked to make sure that it's that it is indeed a soft edge, that the vertex normalsare correct, the face normals are all correct, and for some reason the edge just isn't smooth shading, this can be fixed in the same exact way just by reassigning the material and thenundoing.

Another thing that this can causeis certain materials on the mesh disappearing, and if you go back and attempt toassign them individually, weird things will happen, like it will assign the material to different things other than what you've selected, and if that happens if you save and thenreopen the mesh then assign the material, and then undo, then it will be how do you expect it tobe.

But yeah I just wanted to make this tutorialjust in case anybody was having any similar troubles and this has been Shane Beck,thank you very much for wat.

Maya Bonus Tools HUD DisappearMissing Fix

hello guys in this tutorial I wanna talkabout the bonus tools specifically the UV editing auto unwrap UV tools solet's open it and I want to use this example the donut to show you an errorthat happened when the hud disappears and how to fix it ok so usually when you start this tool its gonna be unfold 3d on the top selected I wanna change it to legacy unfold best guessafter that lets enter the tool so give me this Select mesh faces to unwrap you clickContinue and then give you the error at the bottom more than one object matchesthe name donuts so to fix this problem

what I need to do is basically go to theoutliner and then find that object and if you don't see this plus to select the shape node just go to display and tick shapes assuming we don't see it you gonna seebasically this is unchecked you don't see this plus you need to go and tick thisshape after that you need to expand it and you get a notice that the shape node isexactly the same name as the transform node so what we need to do is basically namethis something else like add letter A or 1 doesn't matter just to make it differentand we do that this tool is gonna work so go bonus tools UV editing autounwrap hit enter you can see select the mesh

click continue and then now weenter inside the tool we can see it's working so then I can select the edges that I want to unwrap add borders continue press 6 so I can seethe checker and now click done and this way this problem will be fixed you can get that the hud and thenUV the objects like whatever you want so yeah guys I just want to show you this quick fix and hope this will help you out and see you in the nexttutorial thanks!.

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