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How to Replace Fog Lights How to Connect the Wiring on New Fog Lights

Hi, my name is Nate McCullough on behalf ofExpert Village. In these clips we're going to talk about the proper way to diagnose andreplace your vehicle's fog lights or accessory lights. In this clip we're going to talk aboutthe proper way to install your after market or accessory lights. I want to make a noteto you; if you bought the direct fit factory fog lights, the connector will not look likethis. It will be the mate to the connector that's on the vehicle which is actually overhere. It will plug directly in and you won't have to do any wiring. The reason why we choseto go with after market assemblies, is they're approximately $100 a piece cheaper. So justthe economics of it, we go with the after

market. We're going to use a waterproof styleconnection. What we have here are butt connectors with built in shrink tube. As you can seethey advertise them as waterproof connectors with shrink seal. Alright, I'm going to takeand clip off the supplied connection. We're going to do one better than what they giveyou. Clip those off. I'm going to go ahead and strip the wire back a little bit. Theymake a million and one tools for stripping wire. I like to use a cigarette lighter. Letme demonstrate how this works. You just get the insulation warm and turn off with yourfingers just like that. It doesn't get hot, it doesn't burn you. Do the same thing hereon our black wire. Just get it warm and strip

it off. We're going to do the same thing onthe vehicle side. Take it and clip our wires off. Go ahead and strip the insulation back. Alright, we have our wires prepped and readyfor our butt connectors.Take and open up my package, it's going to take one butt connector for each wire. I havemy terminal pliers as you can see they're color coded, these are blue. You're goingto want to use this section to crush them. It's a good idea to just grab a hold of itwith your pliers and slip it on the wire until it bottoms out just like so and give it asqueeze. You're going to repeat that same process for the other wire, installing theconnector there like so. Going to give a little

tug, a little twist, make sure they stay wherethey're at. From there we're going to install the fog light in the same procedure. We'regoing to slide these inside there and use our terminal pliers to crimp the other endof the connector. And this is our last connection here. We're going to go ahead and squeezeit down with our terminal pliers. Alright, give it a tug, make sure it's tight. Makesure nothing is going to wiggle loose. From there you're ready to activate the shrinkingportion of this, this is where they become waterproof at. Just heat this up and you cansee how the blue insulation is beginning to shrink. What that will do is shrink rightaround our wire and cause it to seal up. This

is be far and away better than electricaltape. There you go. You're going to repeat that step for all sides of both connections.As you can see there's actually sealant coming out of the bottom here. I don't know if youcan see it but right there there's some gue that has come out of the terminal, that isthe last one we have for sealing up and waterproofing our connection.

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