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Kabbalah 2012 Prophecy

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Global Shift in Dimensions 20082012 Mass Awakening GoldRing

In the concentric development of Dimensionalconsciousness humanity has moved through into the Third Dimension following a course ofinvolution to reach the seed and primal root of individual sovereignty. The Third Dimensionis analogous to the Solar Plexus where power is centered in negative space for the manifestationof positive creation. To manifest creation on the physical planethe Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Astral Planes had to be segregated in order to installa program for intensity and focus within the extension of the Third Dimensional experience.The relationship required a regulator or valve which would filter out the higher multiDimensionaltimeless and infinite awareness and induce

a finite, temporalspatial separation fromwholeness that allows for regeneration and intensification of seed generation. Through energy deceleration from higher, nonpolarized,timeless, universal experience to physical duality and stabilized crystallization intomanifested form, oneway valves were instituted upon the Light or energy streams. This processis the basis of astrological theory wherein the Stars are communicators of energy andthe Planets measure, manage, and characterize and regulate between each other these energyfields for beings in residence within the solar systems.

From the cosmic energetic perspective theOmnicentric Root chakra is the basis of Dark Matter, the Black Hole or the seed of allthat comes into existence, the Void and the Oneness of All that is. Experience then expandsinto the AtomicMineralElemental Structures which is the Second Dimensional domain ofthings and the building blocks of creativity, variety, contrast and abundance. Upon theThird Dimension as held with the energy of the Solar System and the Solar Plexus it becomesthe power control and focus for manifestation. It is herein that existence arrives at a spatialtemporalmirror or reflection of what is communicated to be created from Cosmic Thought as exemplifiedby Light and Love.

The Fourth Dimensional Matrix and the HeartChakra work in the Quantum Field where all probabilities operate and upon the AstralEnergies of Emotional Desire, Choice and Mental Probabilities. Advancing acceleration fromthe Void raises the level of conscious awareness and the disappearance of spacetime. The Fifth Dimension operates under conceptsof unified field theory in cooperation with string or membrane topological fields of creationwhich loop the warp and weft as the ground of being. The Throat Chakra operates to assimilateand synthesize the elemental energies of diversity within the Second Dimensional field of theNavel chakra through communication and formulation

of feelings into expression. With the acceptance of the Sixth Dimensionalenergies of the Higher Mind the Focus of the Single Stream of Light known as the ThirdEye is connected and focused into the Third Dimension. The Third and the Sixth Chakraoperate in harmony to empower creation with Light energy. The Sixth Dimension holds theintrinsic mathematics of Sacred Geometric forms which are the fundamental metamorphicparadigms containing the archetypes of all manifestations. Upon full acceleration up and within the SoulTemplate of the Individual Light Body held

in the Singularity within the Pineal Glandof the Brain and the Crown Chakra of the Mind, regeneration of Oneness of the Octave accruesand the Ascension or expansion of conscious awareness is fulfilled. This is the restructuringupon the cross of matter where Spirit Descends into form on behalf of the Soul to experience,enlighten and raise more matter into acceleration from polarized and crystallized potentialenergy. When seeing the reversal of this energy fromthe Soul into Matter the deceleration of energy moves from the Highest Realms of recognizableenergy which is the pulsations of Divine Sound, the Music of the Spheres, the power of theWord of the Prime Creator to initiate Spirits

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