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How To Survive The End Of The World As We Know It James Wesley Rawles

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Surviving the Apocalypse Jim Rawles

c all bob apart are we headed for a crash they couldmake nineteen thirty two look like a picnic are we looking are waiting for acrash the convict a black played looked like it was a good thing and so are we doing mel mitterrand the

as a year or worth of would say that in his basement and so to every one of his children andgin grand children this is like pretty much a requirement if you're amormon the this has been going on since theeighteen hundreds yet really it's common but this is not disturb religious thingthere's there's a whole all secular part of this

jim rawls is on the line with us is theeditor of survival blog dot com the author several booksincluding how to survive the end of the world as we know it jim welcome the program thanks for having me on tom thanks forjoining us so uh. what do you invision khamenei and what is it thatyou are doing about it as individually or the people whoparticipate in survival blog dot com

well uh. there's a number of differenttraps out there and i think it's just rational selfinterest that motivates people like myself toprepare uh. there's uh. threat of an economic collapse that could betriggered by a uh. a global credit crisis uh. we could very well see that in avery near future uh. something along the lines of what happened in twothousand eight but only worst and that could trigger

up a whole cascade of events uh.everything from marching calls to bank runs to stock and bond market collapses ideato get very ugly right that's probably at the forefronteveryone's fine we heard that here in nineteen twenty nine and you know people stand bread linesand supplying some things like that eventually franklin roosevelt put in a place somesocial safety net programs that's some

of which survived to this day uh. we didn't have riots in thestreets we didn't have people shooting your load but prominent in the nineteen thirties by twenty percent of the population wasstill living off the land is actively involved in farming and ranching oslo two percent payoff at most now we have one one ortwo percent of the population feeding

World Economic CrisisAnd You

The World to Come. The Restored Church ofGod presents David C. Pack. Answering life's greatest questions straight from the Bible,and announcing the wonderful good news of the World to Come. The global economy is in the worst crisissince the Great Depression of the 1930's! Despite unparalleled affluence in the WesternWorld, personal and corporate bankruptcies are soaring. So is consumer credit. Millionsare losing jobs. More millions their homes. The U.S. national debt is measured in trillionsof dollars! Headlines of credit fraud, identity theft and corruption fill the news. Eventsare spinning out of control.

All of this is unnecessaryIF you have God'sKEYS to financial prosperity. Let's consider some sobering statistics:Since 2007, the economic crisis has erased a staggering $50 trillion dollars in wealtharound the world. The world's largest economy, the United States, is now more than $12 trilliondollars in debtand this debt is growing by about $4 billion daily! This amounts toa $',000 bill for every U.S. citizenor over $111,000 per taxpayer. Some expect thedebt to be almost $14.5 trillion after the next fiscal yearwhich means a growth ofadditional billions per day next year! Such debt can never be repaid! Tragically, mostnations of the West are being crushed by impossible

debt. Catastrophe now loomsand, in thecase of America, here is why. The United States expects to receive an estimated$2.19 trillion in tax revenue in 2009. (However, this estimate continues to shrink.) Projectedspending is at $3.94 trillion for 2009. (This number continues to rise.)Now suppose these estimates represented the spending of an American family of median income.Such a family would take in $50,303 (2008 estimate), but be planning to spend $90,042whilealready carrying more than $275,632 in debt! Individual families would not do thisorif they tried, would go bankrupt before it could happen. But governments can print money.Such deficit spending is unsustainableand

the national debt is projected to top $18.6trillion in 2014!and $24.5 trillion in 2019!more than double the present. Nowunderstand that just a small 1% interest rate increase will raise the interest payment from$200 billion to over $800 billion each year. But this is only true if the deficit did notrise! Incidentally, many think all these projections to be VERY conservative. They will likelybe MUCH worse. No thinking person believes such overspendingcan continue without end. Further, the addition of expensive new government programs and exoticnew kinds of taxes will only GREATLY exacerbate the problem. America will not stop spendingbecause it is conditioned to believe it can

have anything it wants. It need never denyitself. A country this big, this great, and one with such a rich history, cannot fail.This thinking is tragically wrong. What world empirewith half America's problemseversurvivedé The economies of America and other nationsof the West will soon collapse into fullblown bankruptcy. This will happen, although thingscould temporarily get a little better. Various individual states will in fact likely precedethis country into bankruptcy, and thus, hasten the overall collapse. Of course, nature abhorsa vacuum, and a Europeanbased world government will step in to fill America's abdicationas global leader. This cannot now be far away.

The world as you know itincluding yourlife, and I mean all aspects of itwill change beyond your wildest imagination.So far, we have only discussed government debt. Private debtfrom loans and creditcardsamounts to an additional $54,000 for every American, compared to an average savingsof only $2,700. Since 2007, $7 trillion has been lost in theU.S. stock market and $6 trillion in its housing market. These are devastating losses to peoples'investments, including stocks, bonds, retirement plans, employee stock ownership and home values.Hopes and dreams crash daily! Employment is now shrinking at the fastestrate since the Great Depression. UNemployment

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