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A List of Travel Tips to Make Your Vacation Planning Easier

Hollyoaks 12 December 2012

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136 VL Olli December 5th 2012 english subtitles

Jörgé You can replace me for a momenté I'll come back. yes of course. where you want to goé the Schneiders. I want to know what happens with Bella. A coffeeé I just did not want to lie to you, honestly. You could have just told me. I wanted to do. But Charlie is your mother She kept it secret for 27 years so it was her and not for me to tell you the truth.

Bella at that time Charlie has given you to protect my father, our father. We are a family. She kept your bracelet baby all these years. wow. It proves whaté she thought of you. And it certainly was not easy for her at that time, to give you. nice of her . Tell me during all these years, you think she looked sad for her lost daughteré

She looked unhappy, or .é What he said to you when you did the shoppingé (she repeats the phrase that has been said in schwäbisch) it is unbelievable that you lived with people who speak so strangely Imagine, sometimes I talk like that all day! hello you two! hello Bella, I wanted to tell you that despite what has happened, I'm glad you stay in Düsseldorf. I can not stay, this is my last night here

But do not do drama. I do not know you, you do not know me. And nothing will change that. I will miss that. Whaté cook with you. Eat with you even your cheese Spätzle will miss me. I thought you love my cheese Spätzle. I love your cheese Spätzle! But it makes really big oh Olli, does not make things more complicated for me than they already are.

if this was exactly my plan. make it so difficult that you'll change your mind. So, do not talk but cook! even the fact that you gave me all the time orders will miss me. I can call you every day. And Charlie too, at least onceé She will surely be happy Olli . I said nothing You know I had a wonderful mother. Even if she is dead I will always love her.

but Charlie is your biological mother. If you learn to know her, you'll learn more about yourself, do you not careé I know enough about myself, I do not need Charlie for that. Bella please. Oh shit! what's upé I left my wallet with cv and cover letter there. no problem, I can send them to you.

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