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Here At The End Of The World David Rovics

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Between You and That Harpoon David Rovics

Between You and that HarpoonTime to leave now, from Hobart to Antartica, So close but so far from Austalia,Where watchful eyes are always peeled Cause you never know when there's growlerbelow, Watchful eyes peeled for predators and prey,When all you can do is whatever you can to keep the hunt at bay,The time is coming and it's coming soon, When we'll stand between you and that harpoon, The tide is unforgiving,The sea floor is a grave, For those capsized before us fell beneaththe waves,

Perhaps we'll join them by accident or not,A gale or a storm or a well placed shot, We'll steer around the ice and right intotheir sights, Everyone must pick their battles,This is our fight, So here beneath the southern cross and thecrescent moon, We'll stand between you and that harpoon, Between you and the harpoon there's just alittle space and that's where we can see your face,Look into your eyes and hear you say you've come to realize you have to do something,Sometimes all you can do is do your best and

hope that someone else will do the rest.So once again we'll spend this afternoon, Standing between you and that harpoon.

David Rovics Song for Mavi Mamara

It was then we knew for sure the Herring weren'tcoming back Exxon's promises of compensationWere about as empty as a used up paper sack It was August 20th, 1993When we fishermen decided something must be doneWe packed some groceries, we made some banners We headed out to Valdez Narrows beneath themidnight sun One hundred vessels took to the waterPushed through a storm and to the Valdez sea We lined up our boats, formed a blockadeAnd waited for whatever might be A tanker was approachingIt was a sight to see there in the twilight

of the dayWe saw it turning and we all cheered and cried As tanker after tanker after tanker turnedaway A Coast Guard gunship from SeattleWould take three days to get up to the sound We held the line til then, then we went backHome to Cordova, to this hallowed, oiled ground I am a fisherman, so were my parentsHere in Cordova on Prince William Sound When Israeli planes bombed Gaza I was herein Brisbane ů I was at Woodford folk festival was the most surreal place to be what am Igoing to do ů no federal buildings felt disconnected sang at protest it was lovely despite thecircumstances a few months ago I was in Denmark

when the siege of the ships (peace flotilla)happened got to going a to two protests in one dayIsraeli navy attacks the peace flotilla and kills at least 9 peace activists.In 1948 they were driven out at the point of a machine gunFamilies fled in fear to Jordan, Syria and LebanonThey fled around the globe, firmly held in terror's gripAnd about a million refugees ended up in the tiny Gaza StripIn 1967 the IDF moved in And the refugees in Gaza became refugees againSettlers took their farmland, soldiers took

the portsAnd the people were surrounded by military forts In 2007 they cut it off completelyNo access to the borders, no access to the seaThe world began to see this unavoidable stamp The most crowded place on Earth was now aconcentration camp Israeli jet fighters bombed Gaza from theair And they kept out the supplies needed to rebuildand repair They kept out the convoys of humanitarianaid

Anemic children going hungry, crushed andburned in bombing raids From around the world good people triedTo get across the border to the other side Almost all of them were turned awayDeported back to Turkey, Jordan, France, the USAThey were barred from ever coming back Adam and Huwaida decided on a different tackThey loaded up a boat and managed to get through That's when activists in Istanbul decidedwhat they had to do Armed with food and wheelchairsAnd prosthetic limbs for victims of the bombing raids to wearThey packed cement by the ton

They had a few kitchen knives but not a singlegun They were determined to reach the bayTo break the siege of Gaza and not be turned awayAs they left Turkish waters everybody wished them wellAs for what would happen, only the Apartheid state could tell All aboard the Mavi MarmaraSailing toward Goliath's kingdom armed with nothing but a stoneTell the children of Jerusalem you are not alone

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