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Gymnastics 2012 Facts

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Hersheys Presents Hello From Home US Olympic Hopeful Simone Biles

I asked her quot;Why are you always so happyéYou know you're always so smiley and everyone's so focused.quot; She's like quot;I just got to go out there andhit those routines and just have fun that's the ultimate goalquot; I just I wish I could spend every daywith her I wish it was that easy but you knowit's not. If you wanted to be an elite gymnast you have to forfeit the proms,the football games and all the other normal high school activities and she madethat decision. Really the biggest thing

that she gave up as far as doing thehome school versus being in high school was the friends. She is very much asocial person She knows that we're there supporting herand we're always there to support her no matter what. Whether it's a good day or abad day. I'm scared, is something gonna pop outé No I'm really scared! Athat's so cute! This is thesweetest thing anyone has ever done Is it a golden ticketé A quot;Miss you like crazy and I love you somuch. Love always, Rachel Moore.quot;

quot;Think about the things that you haveaccomplished. Just know that it's just the beginning.quot; That one's from my friendCaitlyn. It says quot;Hey Simone. You're always encouraging me to go after my dreams well it's my turn now. Love always, yourfuture maid of honor.quot; Laughs I love that one!.

Jordyn Wieber Fails in AllAround

care about a few export blocked out herein culver city california rich from a few yesterday it was heartbreaking forsome jordan weaver who was number one in the world and theallaround uh. came into london as the heavy favorite to win the all around towin gold did not even qualify it now because of a certainrule each country

is permitted to only to competitors uh. per country she finished fourth overall the two americans that finished ahead of her debbie douglas an alley rice min now before we get tothem let's break down toward and weaver

very quickly on vault c steps to lightly out ofbounds on being she appeared tense and whilebore the few times on her floor routine she stepped out ofbounds as well so again gabby douglas sixteen years oldand allie rice than eighteen years old will be competing in the olympicallaround jordan weaver still has to events that chic in place in which arethe team exercise and floor event that overall victoria come over of russia

was number one douglas uh. it should be reissland douglas and then jordan weaver rounded out the top four now bracing for high is difficult to scores were onthe bean and floor and she at improved on her weakest event which was bars but again her floorroutine it was terrific

by the way have to mention a proud june from boston massachusetts per floor rita's song how the new deal love allie rice and already off the batnow douglas that the american covered madison squaregarden out stored or owned weaver than she did it again at the united statesolympic trials

weaver's coach john debtor had this tosay we have always known the trooper country rule we're not crying of spilt milk yet it makes it difficultto explain how the fourth best allaround finisher the former worldchampion does not get a shot at the filling her dream just because a countryhappens to be incredibly strong the sting of this injustice is painful and for the record i voiced his opiniontime and time again

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