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Funny End Of World Predictions

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6 Hilariously Wrong Predictions

Not all predictions are created equal. Let's talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Gooooooooood Mythical Morning! Predicting the future is not easy. You know whyé Because the future hasn'thappened yet. But there it is again. There's the future. There it is again. Welcome to the future. There it is. There it is! But the thing is, is that it's difficult to predict 'cause there's so many factors, so trying to make an accurate prediction is risky business.

In fact, take Steve Chen, cofounderof YouTube. Back in 2005, he questioned the future of YouTube by saying, quot;There'sjust not that many tutorials I wanna watch.quot; I mean, come on! There's not! Clearly, he did not understand the power of Family Feud bloopers, Russian dash camfootage, and Good Mythical Morning! Heeeeey! Here's the thing: If you makea bold prediction and you're right, you look awesome. Yeah. But if you make a bold prediction and you get it wrong, then two guys on the internet end up talking about you on a show called Good Mythical Morning.

Let's do that! Okay, we're gonna start with one made in 1913. This prediction was. this is 1913,at the beginning of the silent film era. Of course! It was said that, quot;Cinema is little more than a fad!quot; Mm! Guess who said that, Link. Mmm. Jean Claude Van Damme. Nooooooooo. (crew laughs) As an infant. No. wasn't born. No, he wouldn't've been alive. (Rhett) Charlie Chaplin! You may have heard of him.

Oh, the irony! At the time, he was a struggling actor. He told one of his colleagues at the studio he was working at, he says, quot;I'm thinkin' about gettin' outta the business.quot; I don't know what Charlie Chaplin talked like. Well, silent films. Pfft! He talked silently. He said. (laughs) He said, quot;I'm getting out of the businessbecause cinema is little more than a fad.quot; Well, you all know that it wasn't a fad. Mm. He went on to have an amazing career as anactor and a film maker, 60 years.

But I will point out that I am glad that the silent part was a fad. Point it out! Point it out, brother! Because I recently got this amazing sound system installed at my home, and we have not watched one silent movie yet, because silent films. You can't hear 'em! And I'm not into that. Well, there's music. There is music, but it's added later. You've never watched a silent film, clearly. (crew laughs) They just don't there's no dialogue. I like sound effects. (Link) Lord Kelvin. (Rhett) Oh yes.

(Link) The British mathematician and physicist who confirmed the existence of absolute zero, in fact, the measurement oftemperature known as quot;Kelvinquot; was named after this dude. I've heard of that! Everything he says has to be true, rightéMmmm, I dunno. In 1895, he confidently stated, (gruffly) quot;Xrays will prove to be a hoax.quot; I think he's right about that. I've never trusted an xray. (normally) No, he was extra wrong about that. He was full of iffy predictions. He also said, (gruffly) quot;Radio has no future.quot;

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