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Fear Of The End Of The World Phobia Name

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Weird Phobias Oo

(techno music) The fear of what might happen to you if you listen to a Justin Bieber song. So, this tutorial's all about phobias, and I'm just a regular person,just like everybody else. And I only have two real phobias. One is spiders and one is heights. That's arachnophobia and acrophobia.

And like I said, those are pretty common. The most common one is public speaking, but I obviously don'thave a problem with that. Got that one down! When I looked into it a little more, I found that there'sactually a phobia out there for almost everything. So, I gathered the most interesting ones,

and pretty much the weirdest ones to share with you guys, so here they are. The first one is the fear of mirrors. And this one I actually do get. I don't know about you guys, but when I get up inthe middle of the night, I completely avoid the mirror. I don't know what it is about mirrors,

but, I don't have a phobiaof them during the day, but at nighttime, definitely. And have you seen the movie Mirrorsé Jesus Christ. But really, you don't need tobe afraid of your reflection. It's not like it can do anything to you. The next one is the fear of swallowing. And I, wait, how do you,

how do you pronounce thaté Is it the way I think it's pronouncedé Because that's just wrong. Is it phag, phagophobiaé Phagophobia, fear ofswallowing, all right. You know, I'm sure there's a joke there, but I just, I'm just notgonna touch that one. The next one is the fear of ugliness.

Now, this one I get, becuase there's some uglymother (beep) in the world. And it's especially bad whenyou're a judgmental person, because I'm a little bitjudgmental sometimes. I'll be walking downthe street and be like, quot;Damn, that's an uglymother (beep), shit.quot; In fact, my buddy Hugo is sougly that he makes babies cry. Mother loves me. (laughs)

Why Are Things Creepy

Hey, Vsauce.Michael here. Fear gives us life.Being afraid of the right things kept our ancestors alive. It makes sense to be afraidof poisonous insects or hungry tigers, but what about fear when there is no clear andobvious dangeré For instance, a Teddy Bear with a full set of human teeth.or a smile.jpg. There's something a little off about these images. Too much mystery, and strangeness,but no obvious threat, the way there is with

a gun or falling rock. But, yet, they stillinsight fear, because they are creepy. But whyé What gives us the creepsé What causes something to be creepyé We are now in my bedroom, the bedroom I grewup in, in Kansas. Like a lot of children my age, I was terrified of quot;Scary Stories toTell in the Dark.quot; But the very first book that ever scared me was quot;The Curse of theSquirrel.quot; To this day, I still haven't finished the book.but that's just me. Psychologist James Geer developed the quot;FearSurvey Schedule II,quot; which he used to find out what scared us the most. Combined withthe results of a more recent Gallup poll,

these are the things that scare most of us,the most. All of these things are scary, but are they creepyé Let's get more specific. I love the way Stephen King delineates threetypes of scary stuff. The first is the quot;grossoutquot;. This is something disgusting, morbid, diseased.The second is quot;horrorquot;. Horror, to King, is the unnatural: a giant spider, or being grabbedin the dark when you thought you were alone. The third, quot;terror,quot; is different, creepier.He says terror is coming home to find that everything that you own has been replaced withan exact copy. Terror is feeling something behind you. It's breath on your neck. Knowingthat you will be grabbed, but then turning

around to find that there was never anythingthere in the first place. Not a lot of research has been done on that feeling, the creeps.But many theories and ideas involve vagueness, ambiguity.For instance, masks, and why clowns are creepy. Claude LeviStrauss wrote that the facialdisguise temporarily eliminates from social intercourse the part of the body, which revealspersonal feelings and attitudes. Part of the reason even a neutral or happy mask can becreepy may have to do with ambiguity. A mask hides the true emotions and intentions ofthe person underneath. I don't know if the person wearing that mask is a threat or not.

Vagueness is creepy when it comes to the humanform. This is the famous Uncanny Valley. On a chart of humanness, there's a zone wheresomething can be almost entirely human, but off by just a little. Not so wrong that it'sclearly fake or funny, or so good that it's indistinguishable. Instead, it's just troubling. The creepiness of the Uncanny Valley is wonderfullydemonstrated by John Bergeron's Singing Androids. Watch these tutorials when you're alone. A similar, uneasy feeling comes from ShayeSaintJohn,a character created by Eric Fournier. Funny to some, nightmare fuel to others.

Uncanny humanoids, like all creepy things,straddle a line between two regions that we can understand and explain with language.Francis T. McAndrew and Sara Koehnke describe being quot;creeped outquot; as an adaptive human responseto the ambiguity of threats from others. Creepy things are kind of a threat maybe,but they're also kind of not. So, our brains don't know what to do. Some parts respondwith fear, while other parts don't, and they don't know why. So, instead of achieving atypical fear response, horror, we simply feel uneasy, terror, creeped out. Between the mountainsof safety and danger, there is a valley of creepiness, where the limits of our knowledgeand trust and security aren't very clear.

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