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Top 10 Prophecies of Nostradamus 2015

Top 10 Nostradamus predictions Michelle de Nostradam better known as Nostradamos (1,503 1,566) was an apothecary a French origins whoforetold a number of properties in published them in a world famous bookcalled the properties are less protest the very first edition at Decemberbecame famous about 11 years before he died since then, Nostradamus in this bookat acquired a huge following

net believes he predicted numerous worldevents hundred years before they occurred check out the more famous Nostradamuspredictions 10 language differences will disappear , Nostradamus said the invention at what he calls a new engine the world will be as in the days beforethe battle nostradamus seem to have been talking about a kind of universaltranslating machine perhaps a computer

he says this development wasn't meant tobe ended nations 9 the dead will resurrect not farfrom the age of the millennium when there is no more room in hell theberry dead should come out at their grades Nostradamus one's also warned hisreaders this chilling prediction is in keeping with properties found in thebook and revelation 8 the world economy will collapse their fortunes gone debate should I manytimes over

Nostradamus said: the world economy has beenon the brink get down here since 2009 no surprise, USA is pushing theenvelop with increasing the debt ceiling. 7 major eruption of Mount Vesuvius a major eruption of Mount Vesuvius inthe future is certain it and it will be matter it may well happen in late 2015 early2016 which using this system should beconsidered as uncomfortably close this may be the worst eruption of Vesuvius since either 79 AD or 1631 AD

the two worst eruptions in history andsharing the same day 7 timeline it occurs during daylight it will turnthe affected region into a heavy darkness earthquakes may occur everyfive or ten minutes before the dreadful night and cash flow begins killing between 6,000 and 16,000 people 6 People will live to be over 200 year Advances in medicine will extend the average human life span to 200 years years

an 80yearold will look just like the50yearold 5. Radiation will scorch our world. The kings shall rob the forests, the sky will open the fields shall be burned by heat,� the seer writes. This is a warning that the destruction of the rain forests will lead to a hole in the ozone layer, exposing Earth to harmful ultraviolet radiation. 4. Major Earthquake in Western USA This time around I'm not going to suggest that this eruption

Top 10 Movies That Predicted The Future

10) 'The Truman Show' predicts the popularityof reality TV 1998 Jim Carey comedy, The Truman Show depictsa world in which Truman Burbank unknowingly lives in a constructed reality TV show. Truman'severy move is filmed and broadcasted around the clock, watched voyeuristically by billionsof people across the world. Fast forward to 2015 and reality TV and what once seemed likea scifi dystopia is now staple programming. TV guides are filled with Kardashians andthe watching eyes of Big Brother, delivering an eerie balance of reality and fantasy. 9) WarGames predicts cyber warfare

The 1983 film stars Mathew Broderick as ayoung hacker, who uses his computer to hack a United States military computer, almoststarting a nuclear war from his bedroom. The film predicted the face of modern warfare,where international warfare is conducted on computers, cyber attacks cause governmentdata breaches and hacking groups like anonymous are international threats. 8) Tutorialdrome predicts YouTube and violentviral films The surreal horror film follows James Woodsas Max, the CEO of a Television station who begins to broadcast a TV show called Tutorialdromewhich depicts the brutal torture and murder

of anonymous victims, which turn out to bethe public face of a political movement. Fast forward to 2015 and tutorials of sex attacksand torture are only a click away, whilst terrorist group ISIS have become infamousfor their brutal tutorials of beheadings and public executions, filming executioners asyoung as 10 years old in order to create violent viral content to encourage recruits and furthertheir political aims. 7) Super Mario BrosTerminator 2Matrix predicts911 Whilst the 1993 movie Super Mario Bros isa film even star Bob Hoskins has admitted he'd rather forget, the internet won'tlet it die so quickly, after one scene was

identified as predicting the 911 attacks.Towards the end of the film two parallel dimensions merge causing the twin towers to disintegrate,whilst a plane mysteriously flies behind the towers, highly resembling the real destructionto the towers eight years later. An overhead bridge in Terminator 2 and Neo's expiredpassport in the Matrix are also said to foreshadow the terrorist attack. 6) Wag the Dog Predicts a Presidential SexScandal and a Convenient Bombing Political black comedy Wag the Dog, followspolitical spin Conrad Brean, played by Robert Di Nero, as he stages a war withAlbania in order to distract the media from

a Presidential sex scandal. The film whichwas released just a year before Bill Clinton's impeachment, successfully predicts the MonicaLewinsky Affair. It also successfully predicted Bill Clinton's tactic to get his name outof media, as just three days after Clinton admitted his affair, the US government bombedAfghanistan and Sudan, regulating the sex scandal to the back of the news. 5) Game of Death Predicts the Death of BrandonLee honorable mention Poltergeist predicts death of actress Heather O'Rourke TV movieAbove Suspicion predicts Christopher Reeve's Paralysis

Bruce Lee's final film, the ominously titledGame of Death, tragically foreshadowed the death of his son Brandon Lee. In the movie,Lee plays an actor who fakes his own death after being shot on set during filming. Butlife mysteriously imitated art, when 20 years later his son Brandon Lee tragically diedafter being accidentally shot on set, whilst filming the lead in Hollywood blockbusterThe Crow. Steven Spielberg horror Poltergeist is thoughtto predict the death of actress Heather O'Rourke, when viewers noticed that the film randomlyincludes a prop poster that advertises the 1988 Super Bowl, despite the event being 6years away. Fast forward to the 1988 Superbowl,

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