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Famous Apocalypse Predictions

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Top 10 End of the World Novels TopTenzNet

Top 10 End of the World Novels 10. Earth Abides by George R. Stewart (1949) How The World Ends: Super epidemic wipes outmost of humanity, leaving only very scattered survivors. Scenario: The protagonist tries to maintainthe memory of civilization as the leader of a tiny postplague community. Coolness Factor: Despite being over 60 yearsold, Earth Abides holds up very well as a work of postApocalyptic science fiction.The story begins as a last man alive tale,

and turns more philosophical once the protagonistbegins to assemble a band of survivors who scratch out a living among the ruins of SanFrancisco. Likelihood of Scenario Coming True: 3 outof 10. A worldwide pandemic is among the more plausible doomsday scenarios, and Stewart'sobservations of the tribalism that would likely arise among the survivors are chillingly realistic. 9. The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham(1951) How The World Ends: A mysterious comet passesby Earth, leaving nearly all of humanity blinded in its wake.

Scenario: One survivor who retains his sightbattles for survival in a world rapidly being overrun by mobile, maneating plants calledTriffids. Coolness Factor: The opening sequence, inwhich the protagonist wakes up in a deserted , was chillingly reproduced in themovie 28 Days Later and the television series The Walking Dead. This is British scifi atits best–who would have thought that a bunch of plants could be so badassé Likelihood of Scenario Coming True: 0 outof 10. Since there is no such thing as Triffids, I think we can sleep soundly knowing thisbook, while a great read, is not a prophecy

of our collective fate. 8. I Am Legend by Richard Matheson (1954) How the World Ends: An epidemic of rampagingvampirism. Scenario: The last man alive is under siegein Los Angeles and is barricaded in his house every night, venturing out only during theday to forage for supplies and kill vampires in their sleep. Coolness Factor: Hollywood absolutely lovesthis story, having made it into three major motion pictures starring Vincent Price, CharlestonHeston and most recently (and regrettably),

Will Smith. The book is far superior to allthree, especially the ending, which twists the reader's perception of who really isthe monster. Likelihood of Scenario Coming True: 0 outof 10. To the disappointment of millions of Twilight fans everywhere, there is no suchthing as vampires. 7. Summer of the Apocalypse by James Van Pelt(2006) How The World Ends: After a pandemic killsoff most of humanity, leaking radiation from abandoned nuclear power plants begins to finishthe job. Scenario: A story told in two parts, the protagonistis a teenager when the epidemic hits and an

old man in a small community of survivorsas it reaches its climax. Coolness Factor: The author effortlessly weavesthe two ends of the story together throughout the book. Plenty of action combines with momentsof quiet philosophical rumination and an emotionally charged ending. Likelihood of Scenario Coming True: 4 outof 10. I give this book kudos for recognizing, five years before the Fukushima catastrophe,that the world's nuclear power plants represent a dire potential longterm threat to humanity'ssurvival. 6. Sleepless by Charlie Huston (2010)

5 Movies That Predicted The Future

Why see a psychic when you could go to thecinemaé From gruesome deaths to US elections, these are 5 movies that predicted the future. 5. The Adventures of Pluto NashLet's start with 2016's Presidential race. A hardhitting former First Lady versus abillionaire oompaloompa lookalikeé Who would have guessed ité Actually, the Warner Brothersteam behind Eddie Murphy's “The adventures of Pluto Nashâ€� did. This scifi adventure comedy has Hillary Clinton'sgorgeous face printed on $10,000 bills and gives us a glimpse of the “Trump Realtyâ€�.

Shame noone at the studio had the clairvoyanceto not bother making this piece of scifi shit. Just take a look at this! Only you'rethe butt of that joke, Eddie. 4. The Jetsons 2001: A Space OdysseyThe Jetsons was way ahead of anything available upon its 1990 release. Long before Skype becamethe online perverts' dream, Orbit City's first family was tutorial calling to keep intouch. And that's not all. It also features a watch that doubles up as an entertainmentsystem… sound familiaré I also have to mention 2001: A Space Odyssey'stutorial calls, flatscreens and touchscreen computer chess, from way back in 1968. Unfortunately,we still haven't sent people to Jupiter

or built an awesome spinning space stationthingy above the Moon. It was a bit off on that one. 3. Minority Report“Minority Report� is one of those films that inspired inventors to make the technologyit predicted. Tom Cruise is using touch screen tech when he swipes with those glove thingsthat are kind of like Virtual Reality gadgets. And it's got holographic displays! But it doesn't stop there. The film alsofeatures the first depiction of targeted advertizing. We're now used to seeing sneakers we'vesearched appearing in our Facebook feeds,

but back in 2002, the cookie tracking systemsthat let this happen were a distant dream away. Apart from in Minority Report. The moviealso included driverless cars, overpopulated prisons and facial recognition software. Freakedout yeté 2. Back to the Future Part IIWe all know the drill. Back to the Future Part II took a trip to the recent past, whenMarty, Doc and Jennifer traveled from 1985 to 21st October 2015. Director Robert Zemeckisdidn't want to go to the future because he didn't want to predict it wrongly. Andwhile the fashion sense and faxes are very wide of the mark, a lot of the little thingsare spoton.

The Marty's kids wear headsets for entertainmentand communication. It's basically a cooler looking version of the Oculus Rift or GoogleGlass. Like the Jetsons, it's also got tutorial calling, smart watches, flat screens and refersto motioncontrolled gaming when Marty's ridiculed for trying to use his hands to playgames at the arcade. Great Scott! 1. PoltergeistNumber one is a very grim and spooky future prediction. “Poltergeist� is pretty damnterrifying anyway, but scarier still is that it foresaw the death of its child star. Heather O'Rourke was only 6 when she appearedin the first movie opposite Oliver Robbins

as her brother Robbie. In several scenes,Robbie's room is shown, with a poster for the Super Bowl XXII 1988 already kind ofweird given that it was filmed in 1982. Six years later, on the night of the super bowl,O'Rourke suffered a cardiac arrest. She was then airlifted to a children's in San Diego – the same city the super bowl was in, and died suddenly the next day. O'Rourkewas just one of several mysterious cast deaths that happened after filming. Anyone else feelinguncomfortableé No.é Just me then… So, those are five movies that predicted thefuture! Are there any I missedé Let me know in the comments and maybe I'll make anothertutorial about it! Thanks for watching guys.

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