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End Time Prophecy Ppt

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BBC Asteroid Impact Simulation End Of The World Predictions

A huge asteroid with a diameter of 500 Kilometer is going to impact on Earth! Destination: Pacific Ocean. The asteroid impact peels 10 kilometers crust off the surface of Earth. The resulting shockwave travels at hypersonic speed. The debris from the impact is blasted to the lower orbit of Earth, and they returns to destroy everything on the planet. The firestorm created by the asteroid impact encircles the Earth,

vaporizing everything in our world. Within 24 hours of asteroid impact, the entire Earth will be uninhabitable. The researchers have found that this scenario has happened 6 times in Earth's history.

The Book of Genesis Overview Part 1 of 2

gt;gt; Jon: The first book of the Bible is a bookyou have probably heard of, it's called Genesis. gt;gt; Tim: Genesis comes from a Hebrew word,it's pronounced rasheet. It just means beginning. gt;gt; Jon: Now there's a lot of stories fromthe book of Genesis, and it's easy to just pull out a specificstory and try to tell you what it might mean.But we think the best way to understand this book,is to look at the book as a whole and show you how the whole thing is designed.

gt;gt; Tim: The book is designed to fall intotwo main parts. You have chapters 111, which is telling thestory of God and the whole world and then you have the second partwhich is about God and Abraham's family as chapters 1250,and how the two of those parts relate, that's where you find the message of thebook. gt;gt; Jon: OK, so lets start back at the beginning.The first part of Genesis begins with the creation story where God creates everything gt;gt; Tim: And how exactly that happens of coursethat's where all the debates come. But,

He takes a dark watery chaos and He turnsit into a beautiful garden where humans can flourish. gt;gt; Jon: That sounds nice. gt;gt; Tim: That does sound nice. In fact sevendifferent times God says of all that He's made that it's good gt;gt; Jon: And this is where we meet the firsthuman characters in the Bible, Adam and Eve. gt;gt; Tim: They're both individual charactersbut also representative. Adam is the Hebrew word for humanity and Eve is the Hebrew wordfor life and God creates them in his image,

in other words, Humanity reflects or is meantto reflect the creativity, the goodness, and character of the creator out into the worldthat He's made. And they're supposed to reproduce, and make cultures, and neighborhoods, andart, and gardens, and everything else. But, He gives them a moral choice about how theyare going to build this world. And this is what the tree of the quot;Knowledge of Goodand Evilquot; is all about. gt;gt; Jon: And He tells them, quot;don't eat ofthis tree or you will die.quot; What's that all abouté gt;gt; Tim: Up till now God has been definingand providing what is good.  And so God is

the one with the knowledge of good and evil. But this tree represents a choice:  will the human's trust God's definition ofgood and evil, or are they going to seize the opportunity to try and define good andevil for themselves. gt;gt; Jon: And Adam and Eve eat the fruit. gt;gt; Tim: This is the core, biblical explanationfor that concept of sin, that desire to call the shots myself its the inward turn of thehuman heart to do what's good for me and my tribe even if it's at the expense ofyou and your tribe. gt;gt; Jon: And the problem is humans are horribleat defining good and evil without God and

so now that Humanity's made this choice, thingsget really. gt;gt; Tim: .really bad. So Genesis 3 through11 is like tracing this downward spiral of all Humanity. So adam and eve, they can'ttrust each other anymore. and so theres a little story about how they were naked andfelt fine about it beforehand, but now they feel shameful because all the sudden Adam'sdefinition of good and evil might be different than Eve's. And so they hide from each other. gt;gt; Jon: And there's another story of temptation.Cain is jealous of his brother Abel, and he gives in and kills him.

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