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A List of Travel Tips to Make Your Vacation Planning Easier

End Of Ze World Gif

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GIFs JIFs Whip Pans Trivia and BATMAN

Good morning, John! It's Question Tuesday on Friday. The day that we answer real questions from real Nerdfighters. Go! Question Hank: What country is Nerdfighteria bigger thané Hank: Uhhh. who're youé Question Hank: I'm the you that asks the questions. Hank: Thaaat's not normal. Question Hank: Yeah, I don't think that we do normal. Like, the last tutorial you did, you used the phrase quot;passiveaggressive robot sack of ketchup pee,quot;

and the one before that was about cat gifs GUifs. Hank: Did you just say quot;gifsquot; GUifsé Because we say quot;gifsquot; jifs.Not that either of those are incorrect. Question Hank: Yeah, actually, I'm thinking about changing, because the president used quot;gifquot; GUif in one of his speeches. Hank: Well, I'm not thinking about changing, and you're me! Question Hank: Yeah, that's not, uh. whatever. What countries is Nerdfighteria bigger thané Hank: Well, that depends on how you count.

Uh, I've done some research on this topic, and if you're counting by the number of people who watch regularly, we are bigger than 61 countries, including the Barbados, and if you count by the number of people subscribed, we're bigger than 85 countries, including Djibouti, which has the smallest population of all countries in Africa. Trivia Hank: It also contains the lowest point in all of Africa. The shores of Lake Assal are more than 500 feet below sea level. Hank: Ehhhhh. that is. just got used to the questionasking me! Who the heck are youé! Trivia Hank: I'm Useless Trivia You.

Did you know that volleyball was invented as a safer alternative to basketball in the 1890sé Hank: No, of course I didn't know that! No one knew that! Question Hank: Thoughts on YouTube paid subscriptionsé Yeah, I don't know, uh, how people are going to end up using them. Hopefully, in innovative and interesting ways. I am in favor of people being able to make money from the content they produce, but I will tell you that John and I will never put our content behind a paywall. Trivia Hank: Did you know that the first picture uploaded to the internet

was of an allfemale comedy group based at the CERN Laboratory in Switzerlandé Question Hank: Is Batman really a superhero, or just a super rich guyé Hank: I mean, there are a lot of super rich guys that didn't become Batman. I would almost venture to say that Batman is more of a superhero than other superheroes, because he doesn't have anything that makes him super special. He doesn't have any mystical super powers. He just has a bunch of money. Trivia Hank: Cousin Larry from Perfect Strangers would have played a villain called Man Bat in a cancelled followup to the George Clooney Batman movie.

Hank: Wow, you are both amazing and terrible. Question Hank: Can you teach me how to Dougieé Hank: No.Trivia Hank: I can, (No!) I can teach you how to do the Dougie! Question Hank: How can light be affected by black holes if it has no massé Henry Reich: Well, Hank, gravity is actually an interaction between the objects with energy and momentum, which light has. Trivia Hank: Was I just momentarily replaced by the guy from Minute Physicsé Also, did you know that he's actually a really good mandolin playeré

Underpants Genocide Ending SPOILERS

*Heartless Frisk singing MEGOLOVONIO.* Now. I'm tired. Ya' know, I've done everything. I've read every book, I've burned every book. I've won every game, and I lost every game! I even unsubcribed and subscribed to Sr Pelo! But.

I never could predict you! Now I'm tired of everything! Soooooooooooo~ LET US SHOW THEM ALL. HOW THIS WORLD IS MEANT TO BE quot;KILL OR BE KILLEDquot;! That's why creatures like us, we wouldn't hesitate to kill each other if we. got in the other's way. So that's.

Oh shi. Nah, nah, keep going, keep going, keep going. No. thanks. hey, hey, Hey! No, no, no! No, dstop! Don't touch me! I didn't touch you like that! hehe, What's the problemé DON'T YOU WANTA TOUCHA THE CHILDé!é

A No. Noo! NOOO! Heya! He, you've been busy, huhé Whaté Are you wanting a joke, or somethingé Anyway. I've got a questio

Do you remember your dead brotheré Uh. whaté Yeah. your good brother WAAALUIGIIIII WARIOOO Your stupid brothe Thanks for interupting me.

and. here's a better question. Do you wanna have a bad timeé taking one more step Hmmmmm, ok! This is why I never make promises. It's a beautiful day outside. The birds are singin PAIN

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