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End Of World Weather 2014

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The world under abnormal weather conditions

Extreme cold weather in North America andblistering heat waves in South America have been making headlines over the last few dayswith record breaking conditions on either end of the temperature scale.Kim Jiyeon takes a look at the extreme weather conditions around the globe.Some cities like Milwaukee, St. Louis and Chicago experienced sensory temperatures thatdipped to below minus50 degrees. Around 14 counties in the state of New Yorkdeclared a state of emergency due to the frigid conditions, closing schools and airports.More than 5hundred passengers taking regular train services in Chicago were left strandedin their compartments for 14 hours when the

trains they were traveling in got stuck inice and snow. Experts attribute the rush of cold air dueto something called a distorted polar vortex. which is a circulation of strong, upperlevelwinds that normally surround the northern pole in a counterclockwise direction.Normally a polar lowpressure system keeps the bitter cold air locked in the Arctic regionsof the Northern Hemisphere,. but this can become distorted and dip further south . whichis what much of the United States is experiencing right now.But it's a different story on the southern part of the hemisphere.where high pressureis bringing in the heat from the equator,

which is leading to extremely hot weatherconditions. In the northern part of Argentina, the mercurylevel shot up to 50 degrees, the highest in the region in a century.At least 10 people have died due to the extreme heat wave there.Some researchers say the Arctic airmass that the U.S. is experiencing now could be relatedto global warming because it coincides with unusually high temperatures in other regionsthat are usually cold at this time of the year. quot;Because we've got this very westerly jetstream blowing across the UK, it's tending

to draw a lot of warm air up from the Mediterraneanand also from further afield such as the tropical Atlantic, so lots of warm air moving up acrossSpain into Italy and parts of southeastern Europe.quot; The U.S. National Weather Service says itexpects this Arctic airmass to continue until Friday.Kim Jiyeon, Arirang News.

Piers Corbyn The Reality of Long Range Weather and Climate Forecasting EU2014

The Reality of LongRange Weather ClimateForecasting: The Need for an Electromagnetic Approach Well, he's got the wholeworld on his mind. Our next presenter,Piers Corbyn, is the. We've heard about him, his work hasbeen referenced throughout the weekend and we've heard fromPiers a number of times. Now it's going to be his chance tohold the light, hold the spotlight and hold his ideas up before us. He had his first class degree inPhysics from Imperial College as MSE

in astrophysics fromQueen Mary College and he operates the whether action,I've get it right here now had remember whether action longrange forecastingsite on the web weatheraction there's a free and a subscriptionbasedway to sign on there and as we've heard from Bob Weaver'spresentation earlier this weekend Piers is connecting.bringing the Sun its behaviors back into the worldof our weather forecasting, so, welcome to thestage Piers Corbin.

Well, thank you very much David. In the intro to me in thedocumentation it says that I was recording the weatherfrom when I was 5 years old well actually I have toside us an exaggeration but when I was 8 years old I did makewhat I thought was gonna be a DuPont and it didn't work. But more exciting thingwhich is not in that thing that report is that Ihad tea with the Queen

when I was president ofImperial College Student Union and I thought that excite you a lotmore than anything else, or. or if I was Barack Obama I putit the other way and said, well, the Queen had tea with me and now I realize. Okay, so, the republicans applaudedit then and the democrats didn't. Now, I've lost all thedemocrat support now. So, but also mentioned that mybrother is a leftwing Labor MP.

So, now I've lost allrepublican support as well. But, of course, I say that, becausewe are in a situation where, you know, symbols spin, what peoplebelieve, what flag they hold, is taken as their wholemeaning whereas, you now, the only thingthat count is evidence. Evidence based science. So, whatever my associations with herBritannic Majesty or not, for example, you know, what I say and the evidencefor it is the only thing that counts.

Okay, we are in very challengingtimes and I think it's fair to say that we're gonna make mistakes,so we have to be careful. Now, where do the leadinginstitutions standé The leading science institutions,do they put science firsté Anyone want tooffer a YES or NOé NO! I agree with that. Good, so we're getting somewhere. Now, but I want very specificallythat she loved John Harrison,

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