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A List of Travel Tips to Make Your Vacation Planning Easier

End Of World Tiles

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Primitive Technology Barrel Tiled Shed

Digging a drainage trench around the building site Chopping timber for the frame Stuck on trees Stumps 2 months after cutting 14 months after cutting (from last year) hammering in a short piece of wood to form the post hole Putting the post in place Sharpening stone chisel

carving a mortise Making a blow pipe This is the same wood I used for wattle frames in earlier huts. It's hollow with a soft pith core. Putting clay on to form a fire proof nozzle A small hole causes the air speed to increase Putting hot coals into the mortise Blowing the coals causes the mortise to burn and enlarge as well as fire hardening it to prevent the wood splitting. Scraping the burnt wood out of the mortise

Horizontal beams in place Cutting lawyer cane with hand axe instead of hatchet (to save hatchet blade from damage on rocks). Lashing roof timbers with lawyercane Putting rafters on Tying rafters to beams (prevents posts from leaning inwards under weight). Frame complete Making lawyer cane basket The clay is in the creek next to the tile hut

Digging firebox for kiln Green twigs form arch of firebox Clay from creek Mud forms the rest (to save precious clay) Floor of the kiln is 50 cm x 50 cm 16 holes are made in floor Holes are enlarged to ensure flames can get through Mud walls of kiln are about 12.5 cm thick

Having fire dries the layers faster Walls are 50 cm tall then are domed in slightly Making grate bars for fire box Grate bars help the wood burn more efficiently The kiln draws a fairly good draft Pick out stones and sticks Crush previous broken pottery and mix with clay to prevent clay from cracking. Lawyer cane frame for tiles

flat stone, tile frame and tile form wood ash to stop clay from sticking Clay is pressed into frame Shifted onto form Smoothed Set out to dry A batch of 30 tiles took less than a day to make But they kept being disolved in the rain and had to be shifted to the tile hut when semi dry

Tayo S3 Full Episodes S3 E2326 77

The stars are twinkling in the endless universe. Stop right there, Princess Ray! Oh, no! Princess Ray is being chased by space pirates! Oh, what should I doé Why is she going through this dangerous way! I've got her! Uhohé What should I doé I'll be complemented once I get back.

I can't hold it anymore! I'll need to dodge to that planet! And this is The planet we are living on, earth. Wow. That's very pretty. There are many different planets other than earth in the universe. Ms. Teach! Then are there cars like us living on other planets, tooé Well.é I don't know about that. There must be Planet Clover among all those planets.

I wonder how Princess Ray is doing. Ah, I'm off school for today now. Let's go back to the garage. Did you see thaté I just saw a shooting star go by! Whaté No way. How can you see a shooting star at this houré He's right. But I'm sure I saw that. That's weird.

Guys, I'm gonna go take a look where it fell. Tayo! Whaté You lost Princess Ray just when you almost had heré I'm sorry, Dad. It's because I got hurt right here. Wooly! You can't be my heir like that! What are you waiting foré Go catch Princess Ray right away!

Yes, sir! Captain! I've found Princess Ray! Whaté There she is! She thinks we can't recognize her with that disguiseé Oh, no. Bully must have mistaken Hana for Princess Ray. Princess Ray. I'll make sure to catch you this time. I think it fell around here. Huhé

Isn't thaté Princess Ray's spaceshipé Tayo! It's really you, Tayo! Princess Rayé How are. What are you doing hereé I was being chased by space pirates and ended up here. And this happens to be the planet you live on. I see. It's a good thing that I ran into you, though.

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