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What Does Earth Look Like

Hey, Vsauce. Michael here. This point of light in the sky is Earth as seen from the surface of Mars. And this is Earth as seen from Saturn. Here's an image taken only 45,000 kilometres away, the famous Blue Marble. But what does Earth really look likeé Well, it depends on how you define quot;lookquot;.

The word look comes fromthe old Breton word quot;lagudquot;, mean eye, the human eye. And that's part of the problem.Images like this are based on light humans can see. But we don't see everything.There's a fantastic episode of Radiolab that uses sound to illustrate just how different other creature visual spaces are from our our own.When we talk about the way something physically looks

we are talking about the visual perception of emitted or reflected electromagnetic radiation. Specifically, visible light. Light we perceive as red has a longer wavelength than blue or violet.But what if I crank the wavelength even shorteré Does it stop being lighté No, it just becomes light you can't see ultraviolet, Xrays,

gamma rays.Going the other way, you get infrared, microwaves and finally, radio waves. In principle, the spectrum of possible electromagnetic wavelengths is infinite. But even within the range of wavelengths we observe, the breadth is breathtaking. If the entire practical spectrum of wavelengths was laid out linearly from New York to Los Angeles,the visual portion we see

would only be the size of 100 nanometers. Small enough to slip through a surgical mask. Point is, when it comes to what their is to see, our eyes miss out on lot. For instance, take a look a remote control.Many of these things communicate with light of wavelengths we can't see but mobile phone cameras can. Try this at home. Push a button on aremote control and you won't see much

but use a mobile phone camerato detect wavelengths you can't see and have them rendered visible.There's a whole lot going on we miss out on. Our night sky is full of frequencies we can't see with our eyes alone but Chromoscope allows you to extend your vision.This is the Milky Way as we see it, the visible light it gives off. But slide to see how it would look if our eyessensed other frequencies.

Is Earth Actually Flat

Hey, Vsauce. Michael here.In 2003, researchers did the measurements and found that Kansas is in fact literallyflatter than a pancake. Of course, the Earth is not flat, the Earthis round. Otherwise travellers would be falling offthe edge all the time. Righté Wrong. If the Earth was not a ball shaped, but wasinstead a flat disk, like this plate, well with the weight, density and thickness, livingin the middle could feel pretty normal.

But as you move toward the edge, gravity on a disk Earth would slightly skew, pushing at a greater and greater angle back toward the centre. My friend Nick from 'yeti dynamics' put togetherthis great simulation. The person and buildings obviously aren'tto scale but check out how such increasingly diagonal gravity would work.Although this is a flat disk, it would feel to a runner headed toward the edge, like they were fighting to climb up a steeper and steeper hill. The building foundations behind the runner

reflect how you would have to build structures, closer and closer to the edge, so that people living in them always felt like down was atright angles to the floor the way we feel it on our big, round Earth.As you approach the edge, things would get scary. Remember, this is a flat Earth, but it would feel like a sheer drop off. What's really cool is that contrary to the quot;don't fall off the edgequot; fear, on a flatworld because of gravity, the scary risk would

actually be falling away from the edge androlling all the way back to the centre. Once you stepped over the edge, instead offalling off into space, you'd be able to relax. It would be a nice level place. This model, of course, neglects the fact that such a planet shape would be impossible. Anything as massive as the Earth, shaped like a flat disc, would, under its own gravity,naturally collapse back into a ball. This is why in outer space everything morethan few hundred miles in diameter is round.

Or so we've been told.What if gravity isn't realé What if the Earth is, in fact, flat and sciencehas been wrong all alongé It's a misconception that Christopher Columbusdiscovered that the Earth is round. Virtually every scholar and major religionin the West accepted Earth's rotundity, since at least the time of the Ancient Greeks, who,for instance, had noticed that boats disappear bottom first when sailing away.And, as you walk north and south, stars pop in and out of the view. The misconception that only a few hundred

years ago lots and lots of people believedthe Earth was flat likely began in the modern era, as a sort of insult.Well, your people recently thought the Earth was flat, so why should we believe you nowéThe smear was repeated and published so often it became accepted as historical fact.quot;FlatEartherquot; became synonymous with quot;Antisciencequot;. It might seem flat over short distances, butover longer ones, well the Earth is pretty darn curvy. The Verrazano–Narrows Bridge, connecting Staten Island and Brooklyn, had to be designedwith Earth's roundness in mind.

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