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End Of World Eclipse

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End Of The World Amazing Total Solar Eclipse Over North Queensland

Total solar eclipse over north Queensland. A rare full solar eclipse plunged north Queenslandinto darkness for two minutes on Wednesday (November 14), delighting crowds who gatheredon the state's beaches to watch the event. NorthQueensland's tourism body and NASA provided a live stream of the eclipse. Authoritieswarned spectators to wear safety goggles, notingthe sun's rays remain incredibly powerful, even whenhidden behind the moon. While north Queensland was treated to a full eclipse at around 6.'am

local time (0849 GMT), other parts of Australiasaw only a partial eclipse. The last full solareclipse visible from Australia was in 2002, an event that was only visible in the nation'ssouth. Skygazers crowded along palmfringed beaches,fields and clifftops to watch the event through protective viewing glasses and homemade pinholecameras that projected the sun's image onto makeshift screens. Fitness fanatics gatheredfor the Solar Eclipse Marathon, where the firstrays of the sun reemerging from behind the moon was the starting gun. Some began partyingdays

ago at a weeklong eclipse festival. Scientists were studying how animals respondto the eclipse, with underwater cameras capturing the effects of sudden darkness on the creaturesof the Great Barrier Reef. The next total solar eclipse won't happenuntil March 2015.

Lighting the Olympic Cauldron Soundtrack Eclipse Pink Floyd and The End Sir Paul McCartney

All that you touch And all that you see All that you taste All you feel And all that you love And all that you hate All you distrust All you save

And all that you give And all that you deal And all that you buy, beg, borrow or steal And all you create And all you destroy And all that you do And all that you say

And all that you eat And everyone you meet And all that you slight And everyone you fight And all that is now And all that is gone And all that's to come And everything underthe Sun is in tune

But the Sun is eclipsed by the Moon. There is no dark side of the Moon really. As a matter of fact it's all dark. The only thing that makes it look light. is the Sun! And in the end, the love you take. is equal to the love.

you make.

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