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End Of World Deck

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How many ways can you arrange a deck of cards Yannay Khaikin

Pick a card, any card. Actually, just pick up all of them and take a look. This standard 52card deck has been used for centuries. Everyday, thousands just like it are shuffled in casinos all over the world, the order rearranged each time. And yet, every time you pick up a wellshuffled deck like this one,

you are almost certainly holding an arrangement of cards that has never before existed in all of history. How can this beé The answer lies in how many different arrangements of 52 cards, or any objects, are possible. Now, 52 may not seem like such a high number, but let's start with an even smaller one.

Say we have four people trying to sit in four numbered chairs. How many ways can they be seatedé To start off, any of the four people can sit in the first chair. One this choice is made, only three people remain standing. After the second person sits down,

only two people are left as candidates for the third chair. And after the third person has sat down, the last person standing has no choice but to sit in the fourth chair. If we manually write out all the possible arrangements, or permutations, it turns out that there are 24 ways

that four people can be seated into four chairs, but when dealing with larger numbers, this can take quite a while. So let's see if there's a quicker way. Going from the beginning again, you can see that each of the four initial choices for the first chair leads to three more possible choices for the second chair,

and each of those choices leads to two more for the third chair. So instead of counting each final scenario individually, we can multiply the number of choices for each chair: four times three times two times one to achieve the same result of 24. An interesting pattern emerges. We start with the number of objects we're arranging,

Hearthstone Rank 1 Legend StrifeCro GotD 21

interestingmight wanna save this owl i know he runs vancleef sousually i am all for just using owl against rogue like whatever there's not very manytargets, although it doesn't matter, like there's nothing i want to owl anyways.like, i actually have better plays with the drake here if i didn't have this drake i might want to owl the watcher to pressure but so im probably just going to tap and play watcher next turn, i can still use all mymana

and honestly like if i do wanna attack, likesay he plays violet teacher and i have this watcher plus tap, i can just owl it next turnand then mortal coil, like i don't need to owl it in the same turn anyways so holding his weaponé yeah, because if he was gonna attack he woulda healed himselfthis is too much value to give upthe tap, if i tap watcherget the heal on a minion prep blade flurryé fan of knives

i guess that makes sense still actually, maybe i played too fast this turn maybe i should have played owl on the watcherimmediately this turn instead of tapping because if i want to play belcher next turn i don'thave mana to owl as well and after i picked up big game hunter i don't really have toworry about the vancleef as much he can make a 66 vancleef though. but stilllike that's less important to have owl than like a 1010 van'cleef, so haha i almost wish i did it

would have worked out better probably i can tap next turn and belcher or play both of these so i want to play the 6 drop insteadof the 5 drop even though the belcher is probably a little bit stronger here and i know that he has gadgetzan in his deck so i might want to save like the shadowflamewatcher or something like that my moves are all kind of weird here, especiallyif i just play a minion here and he plays loathebhmm

i think i can take the greedy riski can clear here with owl this guy, attack, shadowflame my owl, leave a 41, but thenif he plays like gadgetzan and then something it'd be more awkward.i think i'm gonna try to save my aoe for gadgetzan cause it's so inefficient for me tolike just aoe one gadgetzan and i figure if he loathebs, the board istoo big. like it's hard for him to loatheb and clear my board with spells and have agigantic board hopefully cause loatheb's the scary one if i'm tryingto save my aoe, like it locks out my aoe so it's kind of a weak flurry

i wanna silence this guy so i don't have toaoe the next turn i'm actually getting kind of low, but i mean,his, his hand is so like in rags, it's hard forhim to have the cards to kill me i don't quite have lethalummm if i tap to 11 here then he has 4 damage7 more damage kills me from his hand basically molten giant+bgh, i'm trying tothink if i should tap as well i could get a healbot. can't even play healbotactually, forget it. forget about the tapping. oh no.

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