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End Of World 75 Years

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Swing Off The Edge Of The World Mind Blow 75

This autonomous car showcased at the 2013Guangzhou Auto Show has a builtin fish tank. And Javier Lloret created an interface calledPuzzle Facade that turned an entire building into a giant interactive rubik's cube. Vsauce! Kevin here, this is Mind Blow. Researchers have discovered that male Koalashave a specialized soundproducing organ never before seen in landdwelling animal and itmakes the pitch of their mating calls 20 times lower than it should be relative to theirsize. (Koala sounds)

So Yeah. Swing over the edge of the world at La Casadel Arbol in Ecuador. The swingset allows people to feel like they're flying off intoan abyss at 2,660 meters above sea level. It's connected to a seismic monitoring stationthat observes an active volcano nearby and there's no harness or net or any safety precautionwhatsoever so riders use it at their own risk. The Zeisel is an offroad wheelchair. Theyear round all terrain vehicle is barrier free and electric and it has the ability toperform on snow, sand, mud, grass, and stone. The battery lasts for several hours and ittops out at 35 kmhour.

Ninja sphere connects all of your devicesin the home and is able to monitor temperature, lighting, energy use, whether or not yourvaluables are moving, and even your pets' presence. The project is open source so thatanyone can contribute with the hopes it will help the Ninja sphere cover a wider arrayof devices in the future. New Wave Energy UK is looking to create ahigh altitude aerial power plant. Positioned at 50,000 ft unmanned aerial drones will harnessmultiple forms of renewable energy where wind patterns are more reliable and solar energyis stronger. There's also a smaller probability of weather interference, so unlike green energyused today such as windmills and solar panels,

there won't be downtime where fossil fuelsare relied upon as a backup. This is a tiny dwarf seahorse catching a copepodat lightening speed because their heads are perfectly shaped to sneak up on prey. The HiroseTanikawa lab is working on a mirrorthat can change people's emotional states by reflecting a different image of themselvesback to the user. By taking a picture of the user's face and subtly changing the expressionto look happier or sadder they found they can change the emotional state of the personlooking into the mirror. And they hope to potentially use this in changing rooms ordepartment stores to alter your mood while

shopping or to help people struggling withdepression. The last camera capable of capturing a singlepulse of light cost half a million dollars to create and students at MIT recently createdone for just five hundred dollars. Using the new time of flight camera you can see lightsweeping over the objects and eventually lighting up the back wall. They hope that in the futurethis nano photographic technology can be used for medical imaging, interactive gaming, andcar safety. Snow2 is a HUD for skiers and snowboardersand comes equipped with Bluetooth and GPS so that you can calculate your speed, keeptrack of friends on the mountain, find your

way around, see the forecast, and view callsand text messages all in real time. Finally Void from Tundra is an audiovisualinstallation that attempts to visualize the idea of emptiness I'm gonna leave you with a comparison of gravitybetween Earth and Mars using a rover and a banana. Oh and also, Kevin. I'm gonna leave them withsomething. An illusion. It's called Anomalous Motion the image is actually a still imagebut your mind think it's moving. I talk about why in my newest tutorial over on Vsauce.

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