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Kid Presidents 5 Things That Make Summer Awesome

Hey everybody! It's time for summer. Summer time is awesome. Why is summer time awesomeé I'll tell you! 5 things that make summer time awesome. Ah yeah, babbby! Summer! oooh! The sunlight in my eyes! Number five the sound of flipflops. Hahaha Yeah, flipflops Flipflops, Flipflops That's the sound they make man. That's why they name them flip flops Number four

Popsicles! Popsicles I'm not even going to explain this one, do I even have toé If you don't like popsicles then there is something wrong with your brain. Number Three! Sweating! Sweating, sweating, sweating. Its a hot day out here today. I can lick my armpits

You can like your armpitsé Yeah, I do it at the most stickiest time. You probably all are like whaaaé And I'm all like Number two The way your voice sounds like when your close to a fan. Bahahalalalala Ahhahahhhah

wow ow wow ow wow ow wow bowowowow chahchchhc wowow The Number one thing that I love about summer. No School! No School Dance! I love my no school dance! Wait Wait Wait! Breaking news, summer time isn't awesome for everybody!é Whaté I don't want this paperé For lots of kids no school means no lunch. Which means no awesome summer.

What!é! This is terrible! Are you guys okay with thisé I just found out about it and I'm freaking out. 1 in 5 kids don't even know where there next meal is coming from. 21 million school kids receive free or reducedprice lunch for the school year 21 MILLION, I can't count that high! That means that tons of kids don't have a summer thats awesome Because no school means no lunch.

You can't be awesome when you're hangry We all got to eat man, that much I know! Lucky for us there are some awesome people in the world trying to find a solution for this problem. Like the people at ConAgra foods They have a pretty cool plan, get this. Every time someone watches, likes, or shares this tutorial. They will donate money to Feeding America So somebody gets a free meal! *sings*

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