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End Of The World Weapons

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15 Times World War 3 Nearly Started

• From wars in the Middle East to faultycomputer chips simulating a real nuclear attack, we count 15 times the world almost came toan end in our age of nuclear weapons 15 1979 NORAD computer glitch• This occurred on the morning of November 9th, 1979 at Colorado's North American AerospaceDefence Command • Technicians received reports that theSoviets had launched a series of missiles at North America, with the response beingto launch 10 interceptor fighter planes, get the president on an escape plane and prepareto launch a retaliatory strike • Then we find out a technician had accidentallystarted a training program to simulate a Soviet

attack, a computer glitch that almost destroyedeveryone on Earth 14 Attack on Yeonpyeong• This took place not too long ago, November 2010, an attack by North Korea against SouthKorean troops stationed at the island of Yeonpyeong • They launched a total of 160 missilesagainst them, decimating a huge number of people and even worse, inciting the possibilitythis border conflict might escalate in World War 3• Though we've so far avoided it, this event is still a tragic, meaningless waste of humanlife 13 B52 Crash near Thule• January 21st, 1968, a fire breaks out

on a B52 bomber the pilot has not timeto contact base before he bales out • The plane crashes in some ice 7 milesoffshore of Thule, then its fuel and certain compounds of nuclear weapons explode, butdoes NOT trigger a nuclear detonation • If it had, alerts would have shown anattack on both the nearby base and the bomber itself indicating to the White House anenemy attack and need for immediate retaliation, but luckily none of this came to pass12 1995 Research Rocket • Norway, January of 1995, local scientistslaunch a research rocket to study the aurora borealis• Meanwhile, in Russia, eyes boggle as what

looks like a gigantic nuclear warhead torpedoestowards them so President Boris Yeltsin whips out his briefcase full of nuclear codespurely to launch nukes at every target they can reach• Thankfully, the missile fell into the ocean, Yeltsin put away his briefcase andinstead picked up a delicious sandwich 11 Soviet Early Warning False Alarm• September 26th, 1983, a secret bunker owned by the Soviets commander StanislavPetrov has just settled into a chair when a loud siren went off and screens showed thatAmericans had launched 5 missiles • They only had minutes to respond, therewas chaos and stress in the bunker, because

of the enormous incoming payload, the chainof command went straight to Petrov and he had to decide if he wanted to respond withmissiles, or call in a false alarm • He decided to do the latter, but not becausethey realised they were fakes, no, because he knew his equipment was new and he wasn'tprepared to begin World War 3 based on computer data alone but he said he really did believemissiles were on their way, which made it damn near impossible to call them fakes, buthe did and we're all thankful for his call in judgement10 Able Archer 83 • This is another training program likethe NORAD computer glitch, but much more elaborate

and very nearly took us to war by accident• It was an exercise called Able Archer 83, in which an attack on Europe would bemet with a U.S military strike on the Soviets • The U.S airlifted 19,000 troops to Europeand changed alert status to DEFCON 1, and meanwhile, though the Soviets knew it wasjust a war game, they too went into high alert and prepared their nukes both poised toattack at the drop of a feather, but luckily the games ended not long after and thingscalmed down 9 911• One of the most tragic events in modern history, the Twin Towers those iconic structuresfrom New York City were hit by two airplanes

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