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15 Strangest Holes On Earth

• From terrifying homeswallowing sinkholesto picturesque natural caverns, we count fifteen aweinspiring planetary cavities!15 – Great Blue Hole, • An underwater sinkhole located 60 milesoff the coast of Belize. The hole is 300 metres across and 125 metres deep, and is found inthe centre of the Lighthouse Reef. • The Great Blue Hole formed as a limestonecave during the last ice age. It's believed to have been created by a sea level increase.• It has unusual stilted stalactites and is part of the Belize Barrier Reef ReserveSystem, which has been declared as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational,Scientific and Cultural Organization.

• Its circular shape makes it popular amongtourists. Scuba divers frequent this reef because of the rare animal species that residethere. 14 – Udachnaya Pipe,• The Udachnaya Pipe is a diamond mine in Russia. It was discovered on June 15, 1955,just two days after the discovery of the diamond pipe Mir.• It is over 600 metres deep and is considered the third deepest openpit mine in the world.• The mine had estimated reserves of 225.8 million carats of diamonds and an annual productioncapacity of 10.4 million carats. • The mine was controlled by Russian diamondcompany Alrosa until its operations were ceased

in 2010 in favour of underground mining.13 – German Superdeep Hole, • Germany's famous superdeep hole wasthe result of the German Continental Deep Drilling Program, one of the most ambitiousgeoscientific projects ever. • The project's goal was to grant scientiststhe opportunity to study the earth's crust, the effects of stress on layers of rock andobserve any abnormalities along the way. • The $350 million project, which concludedin 1994, left Windischeschenbach, Germany with a hole 9,100 metres (30,000 ft) deepand as hot as 265 degrees Celsius (509 °F). • The project was also notable for Dutchartist Lotte Geeven's involvement. Geeven

wanted to know what the planet sounded like,so arranged to have a geophone lowered into the hole to record ultrasonic waves. She translatedthe data through a computer program to discover the sounds of the earth, which she likenedto a distant thunderstorm. The sound eerily resembles a heartbeat.12 – The Deluxe Mystery Hole, • The Deluxe Mystery Hole is a backyardattraction off Oregon's I205 freeway. According to the owner and promoter, it's the mostamazing archaeological site in the state. • The Mystery Hole's depth has never beenaccurately determined by modern scientific methods, but the consensus is it is very deep.Some speculate it was dug by primitive people;

others think it is a mark of extraterrestrialvisitors. • The hole's owner – Pastor Barron,leader of the Tunnel People and head of the Universal Church O' Fun – alleges thatthe hole is 5,000 years old, but says that with aliens you can never really be sure.• Going into the Mystery Hole will expose you to the Enchanting Vapours of Encouragement™,which is said to cure any illness and bring great financial and romantic fortune. However,a disclaimer informs hopefuls that these vapours won't actually do anything.11 – The Devil's Sinkhole, • Edwards County, Texas is the home of TheDevil's Sinkhole, a massive underground

limestone chamber with an opening 15 metreswide and a cavern 106 metres deep. • Visitors are not allowed in this cavern,but, during the summer months, more than three million Mexican freetail bats can be seenflying from the Sinkhole's entrance every night.• The sinkhole has mysterious origins. Before it was a protected site, this cave was raidedby treasureseekers and artefacthunters. Dart tips and arrowheads have been found theredating back as early as 4000 B.C. 10 – Guatemala Sinkholes,• In 2007, a 300footdeep sinkhole swallowed a dozen homes in Guatemala, killing two andcausing thousands of residents to evacuate.

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