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End Of The World Simon Pegg

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Touching Balls w SIMON PEGG NICK FROST EDGAR WRIGHT STEVE JONES All Star Celebrity Bowling

the Nerdist Channel presents a veryBritish episode of All Star Celebrity Bowling featuring Team Cornetto trilogybowling for Team Cornetto Steve Jones, Simon Pegg and Nick Frosttoday Team Cornetto will be bowling for The Human Fund and bowling for Team NerdistChloe Dykstra Matt Mira, Jonay Ray Donovan, and me Chris Hardwick pins will fall in this battle forpride and country but who shall take home the crown

Welcome to All Star Celebrity Bowling I'm Chris HardwickWe're here at Pins in Studio City Cornetto trilogy here and one of my favorite brits becauseyou needed a fourth Steve Jones Shaun of the SexShaun of the Sex or Fuzz Pistols I think we're gonna be okay I mean we've bowled against the Whocast and Stephen Moffat and they weren't great bowlers I'm not saying there's not bowling in England butthere's kind of not bowling in England

Steve shows up and he's likehow do I do this this is meé Yeah, you're there. Yeah! I was gonna roll it again but they went beginners British luck I'd like to call it gentleman bowling this is it get it!

Has the ball ever bounced off the piné I like bowling, very politeI am English after all What the hellé Strike, spare, spare.I thought you were supposed to be Britishé I'm really gonna choke. Simon! Is that chokingé That isn't choking!Sorry I meant win! this is good this, this is a good first frame as long as bowling wins, and the sport,sportsmanship and fair play

and hopefully maybe Chloe's skirt will fall off,I think that's what we're really looking for Chloe's bowling in heelsthose aren't the right shoes are theyé this is not the right attire. I am bowling in heels because I feel likethey're kind of like my lucky charm and I'm actually terrible at walking in flats that's good remember your center no no no no Matt, why do you have to embarrass me in frontof my new best friendsé

there you go there you go there you go yes is bowling in your familyéMy dad was a professional bowlerah no shit I was not aware of Chris' bowling genes and I start to suspect that this is justa way of Chris Hardwick schooling his guests the nerf gun have come out shoot them at cameras, shoot them at people's weiners I wasn't aiming for your privatesJonah shot one into his esophagus

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