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End Of The World Scientific Theories

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The Creepiest Conspiracy Theories That Could Be True

1. HAARP Deep in the wilds of Alaska is a secretivemilitary research programme called HAARP, which stands for High Frequency Active AuroralResearch Program. The facility consists of an antenna array made up of 360 transmitters.This giant array shoots highpower radio frequency beams into the atmosphere, or quot;Ionospherequot;.Some speculate HAARP is capable of emitting a signal that has billions of watts in power. HAARP can literally move the atmosphere, andcreate holes in it, miles across. HAARP has the power to modify the weather. Many believeHAARP is to blame for a range of natural disasters

around the world, including floods, droughts,hurricanes, thunderstorms and earthquakes and it can create earthquakes at any pointon the earth by manipulating the magnetosphere. Conspiracists believe HAARP is to blame forthe recent disasters in Haiti and Japan. Some even believe that HAARP has developedthe ability to mind control entire populations of people by emitting extremely low frequencywaves, adjusting their mental state. 2. Lizards The world is run by lizards. English author and exBBC reporter David Ickewrote a series of books detailing how the

world's most powerful individuals are actuallyshapeshifting reptilians. Belonging to an ancient race of omnipotent lizardpeople.According to Icke's conspiracy, George Bush and even the entire british royal family areactually quot;reptilianquot; lizard people. This is widely regarded as one of the leastbelievable conspiracy theories, yet 12.5 million Americans genuinely believe the world is runby lizard people. 3. New World Order (Illuminati) The New World Order. A staggering 28 percent of Americans believein some kind of new world order, where the

world will be ruled by a single global governmentfollowing a mass genocide. This supposed new government is currently being built behindthe scenes by a group of secretive power elite individuals and has been for centuries. The most well known new world order conspiracyis the Illuminati. The Illuminati is an ancient group of omnipotent elites who control everyaspect of global affairs from behind the scenes, such as government, religion and culture. Supposed members of the Illuminati include:Barack Obama the PopeQueen Elizabeth II

George W. BushJayZ Bob DylanBeyoncé Lady Gagaand Jim Carrey But this is just a small selection of thehundreds of important figures who are supposed members of this secret society. But wait,there's more. the Illuminati is made up of devil worshipping antichrists, yeah. Whenyou join the Illuminati you have to sell your soul to the devil, if you try and leave theilluminati you are assassinated, hence Michael Jackson and many other mysterious deaths.

4. Denver Airport Denver International Airport is supposedlyhome to the world's largest underground bunker or city situated right underneath the airport.The bunker is said to house the world's most important figures, A.K.A, the illuminati andco., in the event of a global disaster such as a nuclear war. Denver used to have a perfectlyadequate airport located only 6 miles from Denver that everyone was extremely contentwith. But a new airport was built in 1995 for no apparent reason, there was absolutelynothing wrong with the previous airport. The new airport covers 53 square miles which istwice the size of Manhattan! The airport was


Studies have shown that the only thing that can really save you duringan apocalypse is a beard. It's science. So, people have beenpredicting the end of the world for hundreds of years. There's just somethingabout the end of all things that fascinates people. Now, of course most of these predictions

have either been unfoundedor just flat out wrong. I mean, remember Y2K andthe Mayan Apocalypseé But despite those predictions, there are theories that exist, created by the scientific community that describe the most likely scenarios that could end all life on Earth. So this week, I gatheredthe most interesting

and somewhat disturbingones to share with you all. So, here they are, 10 Apocalyptic Events ThatCould End the World Tomorrow. Number is The Big Crunch. The Big Crunch theory saysthe expansion of the universe first created by the originalBig Bang will eventually halt, at which point it will begin to contract from the force of its own gravity,

sucking everything that existsback into a singularity. That means that everygalaxy, star, and planet would cease to exist, whichof course includes Earth, and by extension, us. Now, this shouldn't worryyou for two reasons. First, from what we currently know, the universe is not only still expanding, but it's expanding atan accelerating rate.

So, you safe for now baby. Secondly, if this did happen, there would be no warning, anyways. You would just suddenly be shrunk to a very, very smallsize and then poof, gone. Number two is the HeatDeath of the Universe. This theory's basically the exact opposite of The Big Crunch,

which says gravity willnever halt the expansion of the universe, and that it will continueto widen and widen forever. So, basically, you're safe then, righté Well, not exactly. The laws of thermodynamics say that if the universe continuesto infinitely expand, that all matter in theuniverse will eventually

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