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A List of Travel Tips to Make Your Vacation Planning Easier

End Of The World Online Fiction

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Dragon Ball Z The Fall of Men OFFICIAL

The world isn't like it's supposed to be. Something happened along the way. Destiny has Changed. Mankind has fallen. We don't know where this great evil came from. From which Cell it grewé Annihilated entire nations in just a few days. We were blind and weak.

Like sheep among wolves. Men, women and children perished. Eaten alive. With our downfall earth is lost. There won't be soul left to watch the the ebbing tides or the trees along the wind. My mother once told me: quot;Life is a journey. All been tested along the way.

Fear Courage Lies, truth, betrayal Love. All part of a plan. But in the end, you'll have what it takes. All of this for the greater good.quot; I must've fail her.

I will make the difference. I remember all those sacrifices that did for me. I remember. Our Brotherhood lost everything. Death, the greatest end. I know we all die some day, But not today.

Not today. I have to trust that each of my actions has some meaning somehow. I heard once that: quot;War doesn't ennoble men, It turns them into dogs.quot; Fortunately, I am not like other men. I know a place where miracles happen. The last place we saw God alive.

Family is everything. And if we all work together. We can change things. We hope to make time our ally. Never doubt your family. This place is different. Special. One day outside equals an entire year here.

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