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End Of The World October 2014

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October Event 2014

Silence Music Cheering Music Applause Cheering Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Thanks to everyone forjoining us this morning.

It's been an incredible year. And tremendously busy alreadybut we've got a few more things to share with you beforewe close out the year. As you saw from the tutorial,we had an amazing reception to the iPhone 6 andiPhone 6 Plus launch. The stores were absolutelyelectrifying with energy. It was unbelievable. There was no betterplace on earth to be.

These phones are the bestphones we've had ever created. And the reviews havebeen off the charts. It doesn't get any clearer orany better than this review from one of the industriespreeminent reviewers. Walt Mossberg said simply, quot;It's the best smartphoneon the market.quot; You can't hope forbetter than that. Applause

Now, with great reviews anda great customer response, it's no wonder that theseiPhones have become the fastest selling iPhones in history. And the first 30 days, wehave set a new high watermark for the most orders takenand I don't mean by a little, by a lot, a whole lot. Applause Our rollout around theworld is going well.

In fact, by the end of thisweek we'll be in 32 countries and just in a few hours fromnow, we will launch in China with support for TDLTEand FDDLTE, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus customerswill have access to China's fastest networkson all 3 major networks. This is the very first timewe've launched a new iPhone on all three networks and we'redoing it perfectly aligned to the early stages ofChina's huge 4G rollout.

We couldn't be more excitedabout this and I will tell you that the preorders as you mightguess have set a new record. We can't wait to get started. With what's going on inChina, what's going on here and the other countries aroundthe world and all of the reviews and the customer response, this is our biggestiPhone launch ever. Applause

Climate and Water Outlook August October 2014

Welcome to the first Climate and Water Outlook.The outlook will examine the prospects for rainfall, streamflow and temperature for thecoming season. But let's start by looking at recent conditions.Rain in the first half of the year was generally above average across the more arid parts ofAustralia, as shown by the blue areas on the map.Red areas show where rainfall was below average, including large parts of eastern Australiaand southwest W.A. Longterm drought conditions continued insome locations—particularly inland Queensland. Red areas on this map show places where rainfallsince October 2012 has been in the driest

ten per cent of recorded totals. Northern Queensland is now well into its dryseason, so relief looks unlikely until the wet season arrives—typically around OctoberNovember. Away from the drought regions, soils deeperthan 20 centimetres have held some of the rainfall from earlier in the year.Blue areas in Victoria and South Australia show where deep soils are currently wetterthan average for this time of year. Temperatures across Australia have generallybeen above average, as shown by the yellow areas on the map.Maximum temperatures for the first half of

the year were the seventh warmest since nationalrecords began in 1910. Given the warm and dry start in a number ofkey regions, what can we expect for the second half of 2014é In the tropical Pacific Ocean, warming overthe past several months had primed the climate system for El Niño. El Niños typically reduce rainfall acrosssouthern and inland eastern Australia, as shown by the red areas on this map.So far this year, there has been a general lack of response in the atmosphere to thewarmer tropical Pacific below. As a result,

we've seen the ocean warming ease slightlyin recent weeks. Most climate models we survey still expectan El Niño in spring, so our new ENSO Tracker remains in the El Niño 'Alert' phase. Given the recent cooling, though, any eventis now considered unlikely to be a strong one. The other climate influence we are watchingis the pattern of temperatures in the Indian Ocean—In particular, warmer than averagewaters to Australia's northwest. This may have helped bring recent rain toinland and southern Australia, as moist tropical

air crossed the continent.However, the climate models we survey suggest this pattern may only last another month ortwo at best. So, what's the rainfall outlook for Augustto Octoberé Green areas across central Australia showincreased odds of above average rainfall, linked to those warmer temperatures in theIndian Ocean. Orange areas on the map show that below averagerainfall is likely for parts of Queensland and southeastern Australia.The historical accuracy of this outlook is moderate at this time of year.

Our streamflow forecasts to the end of Septemberindicate median to high flows are more likely at 53 of the 72 locations across eastern Australia.Low flows are forecast at 19 locations, mostly where recent rainfall and soil moisture havebeen below average. Accuracy for the streamflow forecast is moderateat this time of year. More details for your location are availableon our website. Forecast locations in other states will becomeavailable over the next 18 months. In terms of temperature, warmer than averagedays are expected to continue for most areas, though odds are lower for inland Australia.This outlook has moderate to high accuracy

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